Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving & Midterms

The last week and a half has been rough. Smooth sailing is a thing of the past, and the almost settled transition has ceded to new challenges

Last week our landlord told us our rental property was not properly zoned. As such, the city is requiring them to vacate the property. So for us, it means finding a new place (that is Jeremiah friendly) and moving before Thanksgiving. The challenge is finding anything affordable (grad student) and dog friendly.
And so we search...
This week also marks the mid point of my first semester here - which also brings forth the first season of exams! So this last week has been filled with study groups and reading, coursing over notes and then starting over again. It is likely that I have spent more time in the library this semester than in all of my undergrad experience.
But for all the complaining, I am loving school. I have enjoyed diving into a subject I don't understand, but value highly. Lectures are a joy, and I relish this time of learning - as it will not last forever.
As for the housing search, that is more difficult. Searching mid semester is a challenge we face with faint hearts, and it is difficult to remain encouraged. We know in our heads that God has a place for us - that as we seek, he will provide - the difficulty is trusting that, and letting go of our anxieties. We look forward to moments of settling that must exist just beyond the horizon - we just hope to arrive sooner than later!
This weekend should be a joyful time of encouragement as we visit with friends from Visalia - what a joy to experience fellowship when you are hungry for it!
So maybe this is a weekend of rest from those worries, as we prepare for the adventure of midterms and moving that approach. It is easy to forgot, but important to remember, that God is for us!

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