Monday, December 17, 2007

Finished with Finals!

After another challenging and exciting semester, the Marshall's are approaching a Christmas vacation.

Janay has been working hard this semester as a social worker. She puts in long hours making sure foster kids are well taken care of. All the while, she has a life growing inside her - much of her energy goes to building lungs and kidneys, thumbs and tonsils - she has been very busy! Our baby boy has started to clear some space for himself over the last couple of weeks - revealing an adorable 'baby bump.'

I just finished up finals and some job training. This week will be spent filling out PhD applications and ordering transcripts before we head to Visalia for Christmas. School has been wonderful. I am closing in on a May '08 graduation. Courses have been both difficult and formative. This semester I took several seminars studying Philosophy of Mind, Classical Theism, and Christology. I also studied Social and Political Philosophy independently with a professor. Just 18 months ago, course topics like these would have held no appeal, but I have come to embrace philosophy - along with all the reading and writing it entails - and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing right now.

These last two years - though filled with their own difficulties - have been a wonderful time for Janay and I. We have grown as a couple, walking together through hard times, and carrying burdens we used to try carrying individually. We have been encouraged by God's work in our lives - answering specific prayers, and providing unexpectedly for significant needs. What a blessing to know there is a God who wants to interact with his creation, and speak into their lives in tangible ways!

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