Monday, April 21, 2008

Superman, not yet super-sleeper

It's been an amazing first couple of weeks since the little-man arrived; a lot of staring at his funny expressions, sleep deprivation, honing diaper changing skills, fun evening walks (Janay's only time to escape the house), and sneaking naps whenever possible. Now that the playoffs have started, Aricin wants to watch all the games (apparently he's a huge Lakers fan). Thankfully he is healthy and gaining weight (just over 6lbs 6oz at the last appointment).

As a family, we have finally made a decision about next year - we're heading to Colorado. Aaron will be teaching Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, and Worldviews at Valor Christian High. We are getting super excited about the move, and looking forward to a change of pace now that school is winding down and Aricin is here. We will be in Visalia for the most of the summer, and will head into the Rockies around the beginning of August.

Here are some fun pictures of Aricin: with mom and uncle jon-jon, sporting a new faux-hawk, thinking, and just hanging around.

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