Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Dr. Seuss Father's Day

We can't believe our baby is already 10 weeks old. We have been enjoying life in Visalia with Family and old friends. We are happy to say that we are getting more sleep at night which is making parenthood much more fun. Our little guy does still have his fussy moments and fights it when it's time to go to bed. He is getting more and more expressive and is showing his strong willed personality- looks like he's going to be stubborn like his mom and dad- we're in for some trouble.

It's been a busy past month, with Aaron finishing school, a quick trip to Colorado, and getting settled in Visalia. Aaron is interning at Neighborhood Church and helping to coach El Diamonte's summer water polo team. There have been graduation, birthday, and father's day parties. The summer heat has arrived, and Aricin has enjoyed his first dips in the pool, and late-night walks in the summer heat - he loves being outside!

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The Taylors said...

Not only am I not blogging... I haven't been reading either! I've missed all the wonderful updates on your boy and family. We are praying for the three of you in the midst of your transition. So much change and many emotions. Journeying together... dawn