Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's eat...

In the last couple of weeks we've started Aricin on food. It's been pretty entertaining to watch his expression after the first bite - it's got to be weird having no idea what someone's going to put into your mouth. Jeremiah loves to come in and lick the remnants of Aricin's dinner from his bib- kind of gross i know. And yes he did lick our poor child's face when i wasn't looking. Aricin still enjoys chewing on his socks, toes, and of course his rubber ducky during bath time. He also loves his Jumperoo which usually puts him to sleep. We call him our narcolyptic jumper. We managed to make it to 2 out of the last 3 Rockies games- they were great - Aricin wanted to wear his Dodger gear and we didn't stop him- he still has high hopes for his Dodgers this year. Last week he turned 6 months old and he's already crawling- only reverse though - he hasn't figured out how to switch gears and actually go forward - we're working on this.
Aaron is still working on the house and it's looking better and better - this week he's working on all of the lighting and electrical - he's quite the handy man. I'm still trying to unpack and make the house feel as homey as i can. The weather is getting cooler - the mountains around us are now covered in snow and briskness is actually quite nice. It's kind of fun to have seasons - I say this now of course before the first major snow. We're enjoying the Rec centers of Highlands Ranch and try to take the baby for a swim at least once a week. Tomorrow we are excited to hit a Colorado Avalanche Hockey Game - it will be my first. And next week we're going to have some visitors - Aaron's good friend Jon Parker is flying out to meet with Admin at Valor and we're hoping he'll get hired on. Also, my mom flies out in about 10 days - we can't wait. Well I best be going - i've got a screamer calling for me.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Life in Colorado

Welp it's official... we're Coloradans- yesterday we picked up our new License plate and had our drivers Licenses switched. The house finally closed on September 13 and we moved in on September 21st. We've been in the house for about two weeks now and are far from feeling totally moved in. Aaron's been working hard. He ripped out the subfloor in the living room giving us a temporary clear view of the basement below. We've taken down a wall and oh soo many other things. And now all of the rooms have new paint and about half of the house has new floors. The kitchen has been gutted and the bathrooms are next on the list. Needless to say it's good to be home but it still sort of feels like we're camping in alot of ways. Aaron's been busy at school creating the curriculum for a class called "the good life" in the bible department exploring philosophy, ethics, and christian worldview. This has been fun for him and exhausting all things considered. Aaron has also started coaching a club Waterpolo team based in Denver- this has been a fun release for him on Monday nights. As for Nay, baby has kept her busy as she tries to unpack boxes here and there and also keep Aricin entertained. Living in Highlands Ranch there are four local rec centers all residents can go to- each rec center has a gym, indoor pool, and other features- one has indoor and outdoor tennis courts, another has a batting cage, it's pretty sweet. Nay brought Aricin to the indoor kids pool this week and he loved it- we might have a little polo player on our hands. Nay has also met a few awesome gals that she has started to become good friends with. And we did manage to make it to a couple of Rockies games- both were fun- not quite a dodger game but we'll call it a close second.

We are definitely feeling more adjusted- but not completely acclimated. We have our moments when we miss sand in toes and California. Aricin is getting bigger and bigger- he's now eatting baby food and loves our dog Jeremiah who sleeps next to Aricin's crib every night. So far we've been blessed with a great Indian Summer- We've nervous or should i say straight scared for the winter and the snows that we will soon see. We miss like crazy all of our friends and family and hope that people start to visit us soon.