Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fall

First time on a swing
He was a Giraffe for Halloween
And yes, he had Giraffe shoes

Grandma came out and visited

We went to the Denver Zoo on Halloween

The Back Dive During Dinner time
At the Pumpkin Patch

Our Happy Boy
At the Coors Brewery with the Parkers

Working on his third chin
Daddy gave him Edamame
knocked out
Another messy meal time

At our first pro Hockey game- Go Avalanche!

The Fall Flew by for us, as you can see. I really need to be better about updating this more often. Aricin is growing so fast, i can't believe he's almost 8 months old already. As you can see he's eatting and wearing baby food these days. He's not super picky the only thing he won't eat are peas- which make him gag. Aaron says peas make him do the same thing so maybe he inherited that from his dad. He's moving around like crazy- he's finally figured out how to crawl forward and is now starting to try to stand up- at the expense of his poor head which he manages to bonk on everything- I'm tempted to get him a helmet. After all I had to wear a helmet growing up on the Golf course when i went out to play and i turned out alright.
During baseball season we hit a couple of Rockies games that were great- not quite as fun as Dodger games but still entertaining. We also went to a Colorado Avalanche Hockey game which Aricin loved. We've had a few visitors- Our friends Jon and Kim Parker came out to visit and interview at Valor, God willing he'll get hired on. My mom came out for a week- we wish we could have kept her longer but know she will be back. Aaron's dad, Bob also spent a few days with us and managed to get a couple rounds of golf in. We got our first snow on November 14th- it was pretty exciting to wake up to everything dusted in white. It didn't last for long however, as a few days later it was in the 70's and all the snow had melted.
Aaron is still enjoying his job at Valor and keeping busy with coaching a club water polo team. Not to mention still working on the endless list of house projects. The house is coming along- the kitchen is almost done and soon we will start on the renovations of the bathrooms. I'll be sure to post some before and after pics soon. I think we've decided on a church. Pathways at Wash Park in Denver is what we've decided on. We both love the worship, preaching, and are excited to get plugged in. As for me... I'm keeping busy with the baby keeping him away from what dry wall we have exposed, Aaron's nail gun, and all of the other hazards around here. I"m also itching to get back to my writing... Having finished my first two novels i'm hoping to find an editor to help me clean them up before i send them off to Agents and before i start on my next three- yes i already have my next few outlined, who know's when i'll actually get to writing them though. Something that has got me really excited is the possibility of starting a couple businesses. My mom and I are looking to start a website selling cute onesies, maternity T's, printed tote bags, and capes for kids- I'll keep you posted on when or if this comes to Fruition. In addition I'm thinking about starting a company working as a Educational Consultant- basicly a private school counselor/ life coach to help high schoolers apply and get into college. It would be fun, but seeing as how my free time is limited who know's if it will ever happen.
This last week i was sad to watch the Montecito Fire on the news. Thankfully it could have been alot of worse. 8 buildings were destroyed at Westmont and half of them were scheduled for demolition this spring (the old math building, and a few storage huts). The old Psychology building was lost as well as the Physics building and a few suites in Clark Dorm. The rest of the campus was saved- Praise God! Unfortunately 15 homes were lost in Faculty housing- one of which was my track coach- Russell Smelley's, please keep them in your prayers they've had a rough last few years as his teenage daughter died of a brain tumor and his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. My heart aches for Montecito and Westmont but there is hope and God is good, it's been awesome to see how the Alumni have rallied and donated in support of the community.
Thanks for reading this- if there is anyone that does actually read this. Please come visit, we love having guests


The Reardon's said...

Oh my goodness...Aracin is getting so big! COlorado looks like lots of fun...are you guys planning to head this way during the holidays?

Jonah and Julie

Kimber said...

I read it and love it! Any chance you are going to write a rhyming blog...I love it when you rhym! :)