Thursday, December 04, 2008

More Snow... I think winter time is here

Family Pic at our first Nuggets Game

At exactly 8 months already standing on everything!

Who says you can't have Luau inside when 15 degrees outside

Baby blue eyes
Our Happy Boy
He survived the Nuggets game wearing a Lakers Jersey

Yes, we all have matching Burberry Scarves

I love this silly hat

Aricin's Room

So as you can see the past week has been busy. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving just the three of us. I had a blast cooking up; Pork Tenderloin, Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, asperagus with lemon dipping sauce, rosemary corn muffins, a pear salad, a jello mold for Aaron, spiced apple cider, spinch artichoke dip, and apple dumpings. It was awesome. We also got some snow. Aricin is crawling all over the place and now standing on anything he can find. Aaron is in the middle of renovating the guest bath- i'll post some pics when he's done. The kitchen is getting closer to completion as we will hopefully have countertops in the next week- Yipee!. We went to our first Denver Nuggets Basketball game a couple nights ago- it was alot of fun and baby enjoyed it. It's about 15 degrees outside right now and snowing. It's fun to watch from the comforts of the indoors sitting next to a warm fire. There is something really nice about living in a place where there are recognizeable seasons.