Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year

Sportin the 49er outfit in honor of Grandpa's Birthday
Hanging out with Auntie Joy and Lachlan
Playing with Kirsten and Lachlan
Mom... Kirsten is kissing me again
Riding his new Choo Choo, Faster Grandpa!
Working out with Uncle Jasun
Grandpa lets me stand while I eat and put my fingers in the food
The Golf Crew- Aaron and I didn't get last
It was my first time Golfing, not the best sport for a perfectionist
Aricin waiting for his turn to Golf
More Carrots?
Bath time at Grandmas House
Uncle Jon and Jasun teaching Aricin how to brush his first tooth
Hanging out with my Uncle Jon
Me and my Uncle Jon
I'm fussy because i have this 49er hat on
Um, mom there's someone looking at me in that box...
Good times with Grandma
Strike a pose
Everything just went black- can someone help me out here...
The messy hair look
Check out that drool
This is his Risky Business look- Watch out Tom Cruise
December flew by this year. We were able to fly back to California for 2 1/2 weeks which was great! We saw alot of family in the Valley as well as on the coast. I can't explain how refreshing it was to spend time with family and old friends. Aricin also got his first tooth while we were away and turned 9 months old- it's amazing how fast he's growing. He's into everything and has already started climbing up our stairs, he loves to explore. I just wish he slept better- but we're workin on that. It was so good and so hard to come back to Colorado. It's nice to be back in the house and hard to look around and see all the work that still lies ahead.
Aaron has jumped into the new semester teaching a new class "Acts to Revelation" he's super excited about it and is having fun creating the curriculum. He will also be one of the assistant coaches for the Baseball team, and he's still coaching club water polo on mondays and will possibly pick up a class or two to teach at Colorado Christian Univeristy this summer or fall. Not to mention all the home renovations- he's got alot on his plate right now.
As for me, I'm trying to get us unpacked, the house clean, and then there's Aricin. It's getting harder and harder to do things but yesterday i bought safety gates to keep him confined-which helps. We already have a couple of play dates set up for the next week- Meeting his friend Paul at the Pool and Maci at the Mall. I'm hoping to launch my Educational Consultant Biz in the next couple of months- I'm both excited and nervous to see how it goes as i put back on my Guidance Counselor hat and try to help kiddos as best i can.
So I've been thinking about the whole New Years Resolution thing and mine are probably the same as most people...
1. Spend more time in the word and in prayer
2. Run more often- maybe even do another half marathon this year
3. Write more and try to get some of my novels published
4. Slow down by doing less and investing in others
5. Finish the house renovations


Mama Mote said...

My birthday was Monday. Can I get a 49ers outfit like Aricin? :) Adorable. Sorry we didn't get to see you - you said the coast, so I assume you passed through SLO. Anyway, glad you had time to get away and visit with friends and family. Love all your pictures, as usual. God bless and give Aaron a hug for me.

Rachel said...

Bounced over here from Joy's blog to say "hello!"

Your little man is ADOEABLE. I love his "working out" picture. Too cute!

Looks like you are having a great time as a mommy!