Thursday, February 05, 2009

We've got countertops...

All Bundled up and momma let him sit in the snow- for about 5 seconds.

The Kitchen is almost done

Praise God for Countertops...
We went with Silestone in Bamboo
Hubby's done good.

At Breck... we're too cheap to ski this year
lift tix were $92 each and child care was $120 for the day...
Next year we'll get the season passes.
Breck's Ice carving contest

Aaron's favorite- the Surfer

He has two teeth now

Happy Monkey

Poor dog- he was having a bad day to begin with

The dog got a cut on his foot and had to get stiches- everytime he moved across the room he'd knock Aricin over it was pretty funny.
My sweet boy- at the park on the swings

Wild Hair
Nakey Boy- bath time
Poking his cousin in the eye for the family picture.
January flew by for us. It was nice to get back home and feel settled after the craziness of the holidays. Jeremiah cut his foot on a divider in the back yard and had to get stiches and wear a cone - poor dog. We still laugh as he runs into things not realizing how big he is with his cone on. Aaron has started to prepare for his role this spring as Assistant Baseball coach at Valor while i'm preping workouts for the track team's long, triple, and high jumpers. We managed to get away to Breckenridge for a weekend with two other couples (an hour and a half away). We stayed at a friends "cabin" and had fun exploring the town and riding the Gondolla.
A few days ago we got countertops - i can't even express to you how excited i am to have them. And i can't believe we got by for 5 months with out them. Aaron is still working on the house- his current project is the mantle- he's almost done, I'll post pics when he's finished. Aricin is growing too fast. He's into everything and starting to take steps by himself. I can't believe he's 10 months old already. Yesterday while we were at the pool on a play date with a few other kiddos and moms and he fell asleep while swimming- it's my own fault we're there during his normal nap time -this is the second time i've looked down while we were at the pool to find him fast asleep in my arms. The lifeguards think it's hilarious. We still love Denver, and the weather has been great- 70 degrees today and then snow forecasted a couple of days out - it's crazy how fast it changes.


Ethan said...

The kitchen looks great! Fantastic work.

Rachel said...

Love the close-ups of his face. What gorgeous baby blues!