Monday, March 09, 2009

February 2009

Our Happy Boy showing of his two bottom teeth
He has one more tooth up top that just broke through

Did someone put my cereal on my face?

I'm having a seriously bad hair day.

Valentines Day at the New Belgium Brewery

Daddy's the best!

Sweet potatoes can get a little messy sometimes

This is the rec. center by our house that we have our play dates at

The kids love it!
Yeah for babysitters and parents who get to have dates!

Somebody found where mommy keeps her bracelets.

Yipee, it's lunch time!

Time to pray...
This is my pre-whine face, Daddy says mommy has the same one

So happy

Aaron's latest project- building a mantel and shelves- he's almost done, just needs to add doors to the bottom cabinets.

Mom- no pics, I'm eating.
Semester at Sea Reunion- So fun!
I guess it's time for my monthly update on the Marshalls. Things have gotten super, crazy busy the last couple of weeks. Aaron has been busy teaching, coaching the club water polo team, working on the house, and coaching baseball at Valor- and in case you didn't know baseball practices and has games all the time. As for me.... I've started coaching track at Valor and it's been great to get out there and try to run with the kids and coach the jumpers. As you can imagine our weekends have been (and will be) filled with track meets and double headers until mid May.
This last weekend, I was at a track meet and it was fairly cold- I surprisingly managed to stay warm in 3 pairs of pants, and several other layers including 3 jackets- more than i would ever wear skiing- I looked like the Marshmallow man- but that's ok i was warm. Needless to say at about 3pm they cancelled the meet because so much snow was coming down. It makes me laugh thinking back to any practices in college that I complained about the weather being too cold in Santa Barbara.
Other things we have going on include a group called Meals that Matter- every Sunday we have about 8 couples from our church over for dinner- it's a way to get to know random people and build community- it's been pretty fun so far. We also started a "Wine Club" with another group of 8 couples- Aaron's cousin is the facilitator as she is an educated connoisseur. Our first night we hit the big six grapes- don't ask me to name them off for you- my Wine journal is downstairs. Anyways it was a lot of fun and hopefully in due time we'll learn a bit about wine.
I've also started work with a writers' critique group. I got assigned to a group of five gals via a Christian Fiction writing website and we've started reading and editing each others work- 12 pages a week. This has been especially awesome and time consuming. It's been good to read others work and to see what they have to say about mine- hopefully someday I'll get published.
I've also started diving into research on this Educational Consulting Firm I'm trying to start up. Good news is... I've got my Business License and just checked out 18 books from the Library to try to read up on all the current practices. I'm getting pumped up and I'm hoping to Launch it by mid May to early June. You check the website we created at
Other than all that we've been busy with a) a new Beth Moore Bible Study I started at a local church with some friends on Tuesdays, b) our standing play date at the pool on Wednesdays, and c) story time and a puppet show at the Library on Fridays. I can't believe Aricin's going to be one in a few weeks- life goes by so fast.


Ethan said...

Super cute kid! You guys make me feel very lazy though.

lindsey said...

and i thought we were busy! how do you guys do it all? are there more hours in the day or days in the week in colorado? if you have any extras, can you send them our way? thanks!

miss you guys. the house is looking amazing!

Rachel said...

my goodness he is cute! i love all the faces, what personality!

and yes, big YAY for parent dates. so glad you guys can spend some time together - its so important!