Monday, March 30, 2009

March 2009

Can you tell he had just had some yogurt- messy boy.
Cuddling with daddy

He loves taking pictures off of my fridge

Someone needs a bath
we had a friend take some pics of Aricin- they turned out good

Someone needs his first hair cut

Riding on his car

Our first Blizzard

His first Cookie- he was upset when he couldn't have another one

He loves these two little dolls and takes them everywhere

Mommy likes to place dress up when it snows

Bath time

Wild Hair

Caught red handed with the red jello

March flew by for us. I can't believe in a few days our baby is going to be one. We are so excited to have family flying in this next month and are glad that are schedules are starting to slow down a little. We had our first blizzard last week and Denver shut down for two days- Aaron was bummed that the two snow days happend on his spring break- he's hoping to get to stay home at least once for a snow day before the year ends. well i've got to go- someone's fussy.

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Catalina said...

guys! he is so cute. we can hardly wait to see him this summer- i really hope that happens. it will be fun to see aricin and jovie running around together!