Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 2009

Go Dodgers!
In the Club Suite at the Game with the Valor Crew

Me and my Daddy
Checking out the Giraffe

Our big boy

Everything still goes in his mouth

Grandma I'm sooo big
Having fun with Grandpa

Mom, this chocolate is awesome- why don't you ever give it to me?

MMMMMM Yummmy!
Getting both hands on his cake

The party crew

Getting spoiled by the grandparents- more chocolate pudding please

The theme was Monkeys

Pool time

As always April flew by. Aricin is now one, which is crazy! The grandparents flew out to spoil him on the weekend of his birthday. Things with us are starting to slow down-thank goodness. Track for me should be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks and Aaron is almost done coaching baseball. We are looking forward to life slowing down a little in the next few months. We just found out my brother Jon who is going to be a senior at Point Loma in San Diego is going to come out and live with us this summer- we are super excited about it and hoping he'll be able to intern with the Strength and Conditioning coach at Valor while he's here. We're also excited to be flying back to California May 27th-June 11th. Aaron and Aricin are going to be in Jon Parker and Kim's wedding in Mission Viejo. We can't wait to see friends, family, and go to the beach. Our weather has been wacky- we've gotten more snow in April then any of the winter months. In fact it just snowed a few days ago. Ugh. As fun as the snow has been my flip flops have been calling out to me and my skin has reached a pastey white color i've never seen. Lets just say we can't wait for summer to get here.

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Mama Mote said...

We are finally living in Redondo Beach, CA. Love your pictures. The one with Aricin in the foreground - love those cheeks. April 28th (day after Liz was born), snowing in Montana. Know what you mean. I was ready for spring and summer. Have fun in CA.