Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 2009

Sporting the argyle socks from Auntie Zoe
Playing in his new Tunnel
Watching to see if Daddy's coming- Daddy didn't want to buy the Vacuum :)
Loving his new Vacuum
Swing time with daddy
Bath time shampoo fun
Momma's baby bump and Aricin in the drawers


Play time at the Park

Checking out the sand



Time with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa's Awesome!

Practicing his downward dog yoga pose.
May flew by and here we are almost in June. Aricin is so fun right now he's walking everywhere, exploring everything. He has a fascination with throwing things in toilets and trashcans right now which makes me wonder if he will be a plumber or trashman someday. He also loves to crawl through the nylon tunnel we got him- so maybe he's be an adventurer or explorer someday. He also loves to vacuum - Momma likes to vacuum often and now Aricin has his own and he knows exactly what to do- who knows maybe he'll be a butler someday. He's super chatty - his own language of course but some words you can make out like nana for banana. It's fun to sit and wonder what he's going to be like as more and more of his personality is coming out. We leave in a few days for Cali and can't wait to spend two weeks hanging out with friends and family. I'm feeling much better- still tired if i do too much, but compared to a few weeks ago life is good.

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