Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 2009 trip to Cali

Huntington Beach

Beach Time

Lunch with Nolands in Oceanside
Aricin poking David
The guys deep in thought...
Family Pic

My boys were in Kim and Jon's Wedding
They both did great

Trying to get a hand in Grandpa's beer
Playing with Eli in San Clemente- Future Surfing bros
Cheering on Jon at the Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego
(that's our new friend-Elvis)
Jon finished in 3:58- not bad for his first 26.2
Wagon time with Grandpa
Daddy trapped me in this Box
Rocking out at the Concert in the Park in Templeton

Lets slide cousin
Ride that Pony
Tumbling Time
Higher Daddy Higher
Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo with Zoe and Jason
Swim Time
Trying to climb a fence
Morro Bay
Play time at the Largoza's with Miles, Isaiah, and Jovie
Teeter time with Jovie
Playing with Lachlan
Playtime with Kirsten
Hugging Branigan's bear
A pool that's just my size
Poolside with Bryn
His new favorite trick- standing on the rocking chair and rocking
Watching the Choo Choo train
Huntington Beach at Sunset
Wagons make him sleepy
The Marshalls

Aaron, well half of him anyway
Cuddle time with cousin, Attison
I can't believe we're back already, our trip flew by. We had so much fun see friends and family. It was great to be able to stay with Krsity and Darin in San Clemente for a few days before Jon and Kim's wedding- it's always a treat to be back in Orange County. Aricin had a blast playing with Eli and we are looking forward to meeting the newest Johnson when she gets here in August. Aricin made it down the aisle without a hitch- he zig zagged back and forth greeting people along the way and even stopped to generously give the ring pillow to a friend that he recognized. Luckily the groomsmen were armed with pretzels and coaxed him to the end. He was quite a hit as everyone cheered when he finished. We got to see my little brother, Jon complete his first 26. 2- San Diego's Rock N Roll Marathon looked like it would have been a fun one to run. We spent a few days at the coast - it's always a treat to be back in San Luis. It was fun for Aricin to play with his cousin Attison and we got to meet our new niece, Ayla. We also got to go to Farmers and have dinner with Zoe and Jason- a treat. We stopped in Morro Bay on our way back to the Valley and enjoyed the sun and clam chowder. We spent about a week in Visalia catching up with old friends- Aricin loved playing with Kirsten, Lachlan, Jovie, Miles, and Isaiah. He also loved all the attention he got from family.
We're now back to reality - it's so nice having Aaron home for the summer and having my brother Jon here. We've only been back for a few days and have already exposed him to one of Rock Bottom Brewery's free pint nights as well as a Comedy Show at the underground of the Soiled Dove- of which i'm embarassed to admit that i fell asleep at- I was praying that one of the comedians wouldn't call me out. Aaron has already started cracking on the house projects while my belly seems to be expanding at crazy speed- in the last week i've ballooned. This kiddo is obviously making it's self at home in there. It's great to be in my second semester- i'm feeling so good. well i better go. Come visit us soon.


Mama Mote said...

Unbelievable! You were in Huntington and you didn't call us. We would have come. I were busy and had your hands full. Looks like you had a great time and I love your pics. I couldn't believe that was Dan Noland and family. How are they doing? Haven't seen him in ages. And your little man is absoLUTELY taking after his dad in good looks.

Catalina said...

We loved seeing you guys. You light up Visalia whenever you come. I am so excited to hear what you're having- your appt. should be soon!

Anonymous said...

Your little Aricin is so handsome, thanks for sharing all of the great pics! We miss you guys!