Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 2009

Riding his 4 x 4
Rockies Game
Those Baby Blues
Yes another Rockies Game
Touch Down!??
It's been a baseball summer
Go Dodgers!
Watching the game
Seriously mom? another picture.
Mom this Bee Costume looks kind of girly
At the park
At Tom and Andrea's wedding
Shaving Uncle Jon's head
The after picture
The first cut was the hardest...
Our little climber
Outlaws Lacross Game - 4th of July
4th of July Highlands Ranch Parade
Working on facial hair like Uncle Jon with my chocolate pudding
So sleepy
I'm so sad as I realize August is almost here and the summer is almost gone. Aaron goes back to school for meetings and prep in a week and Jon leaves in another couple weeks. We or I should say Aaron and my brother Jon have been busy working on lots of house projects. It has been so great having Jon here- Aaron surprised me and whisked me away for our anniversary for a night and we left Aricin with Jon without any worries- it was great! This summer has been filled with lots of baseball games, a lacross game, Beer tastings for the guys, warm sunny days, warm thunder storms, and fun. Aricin is growing so fast and continues to learn new things and make us laugh. He's also going through what i hope is a phase of climbing. Everytime we turn around we're pulling him off of the dining room table, window seals, or anything else he can scale. He loves to play outside and is great at exploring. He is also very much a toddler and is starting to push limits and see what he can get away- We are not excited about disciplining - parenting is tough and i'm sure will just get tougher. But all and all things are good out here in Colorado.

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Mama Mote said...

All you students from youth group way back when - having kids and they are all so adorable! Aricin is absolutely one of the cutest little guys I have seen. LOVE the eyes. Takes after daddy. I'm jealous that you've been going to so many games. Here we live in LA now and we haven't gone to one game yet. Hopefully, some day we'll finally get to one. Give Aaron a hug for me.