Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Our Happy Boy
His Froggy- He loves this thing and sucks on the tag (kind of gross i know)
Our New Deck Aaron just finished
Another Deck Shot
29 week Belly shot
People keep coming up to me saying... you must be due any day now. Nope I still have 3 months
Aricin has a Dyson just like Mama's
Kissing my belly (or his sister)
Could the belly button stick out any farther? Sorry if you're grossed out.
First Lollipop while daddy cut his shaggy hair
Tool Time :)
Our Master Bath... Aaron's almost done with it.
Shower/Tub shot
First Pair of Flip Flops
Guys, why can't i go repelling too?
Praying my Volleyball girls won't fall off the Cliff as they repel down
Just another day in Mommyworld at the Marshall house
All Done- did i mention mommy hates messiness
We like Spaghetti!
Riding the Elephant
Family Pic at Vail
Surprise Visit from the Fam. for my 30th
Swing time turned into nap time with Grandpa
Pool time with Grandma
Yet another Rockies Game
Rockies game with the Cartier's and my Amish Husband.
High Fever = First Popsical
Let's get crafty there's a baby girl on the way....
Too fun
Wild man!
Watch out here he comes
Umm... Why is the cow talking to me? Is that weird to anyone else?
New Belgilum Brewery. Introducing Fat Tire Beer to Jon
Jon and the Denver Art Museum
He loves to read or to be read to
Tractor Time
August went by way tooo fast. I dont' even know where to begin. I turned the big 3-0 this month and my parents surprised me and flew out. We went up to Vail with them for the weekend which was awesome! I got a job at Valor coaching the Frosh/soph Volleyball team. I am soo enjoying coaching and think we are going to have a good season. Despite being very pregnant i'm still able to hit and serve at them. I can't wait for next year when i can jump in and actually play. I'm almost 30 weeks now and the baby is super active, the last few days she's gotten the hiccups in the morning and has started kicking me in the hips of all places- she's trying to maximize the real estate in there. Overall i'm feeling good- starting to have some back pain and am starting to feel fatigued, which might be from coaching. Aaron makes fun of me because i usually fall asleep right after Aricin (around 8:30). Aaron has been quite the work horse finishing our new deck and our Master Bath. He's a crafty one and has been busy being back at school with his two new classes Intro to Ethics and Bible Survey. I usually drop Aricin off at his classroom a little before 4 while i go to Volleyball practice until 6. It was sad to see my brother off in August as he moved back to San Diego to finish up at Point Loma- we had a blast with him here and Aricin can't wait for him to visit again. Aricin is growing so fast and talking more along with climbing everything he can find. Our church nursery attendants call him their little monkey and spider man because they can't keep him off the furniture. I have to admit i've had a bit of an obsession this summer with Garage Saling. Highlands Ranch has some killer Garage Sales and for a couple bucks here and there i've manage to fill our house with an excess of toys we don't need but Aricin's not complaining. This summer was filled with lots of Bar-B-Q's with friends, afternoon rains, pool time, park time, day trips, and laughter. I still laugh at myself and how Anti-Colorado i was before we moved here. Coloardo is really an amazing state. The weather is awesome, the people are nice, and everyone is always outside doing something active. Please come visit, we love having guests!


Anonymous said...

Man, you guys make Colorado look so enticing! Janay you look healthy, fit, and fabulous, way to go on handling your second pregnancy. And Aaron, your handy work is insane! Sheesh! We do hope to visit you sometime, thanks for sharing all of your pictures. :)erin

Catalina said...

Janay:) Hi friend! I need to talk with you- it's been too long. I want to hear more details of pregnancy. I hate that my belly button sticks out this time! Last time it was just flush with my skin. I wonder what will happen if I get pregnant a third time. silly thoughts...