Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let's throw a shower...

Shower Decorations
Oreo Truffle Pops in a box of chocolate and strawberry milk duds
Pop Corn Cones
Marshmellow Pops in a box of Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Duds
More Decorations
We went with a mod/French Circus Theme
The Pregatini/ Mamarita Bar
Everyone was given a onesie in advance to decorate for the couple
Aaron was in charge of ours and made it a dedication to Kurt Rambis- Vintage Laker Star
They had to eat Sweet Potatoe baby food at the end of one of the games- a Relay
They also had to drink a baby bottle of water
In the begining of the Relay they had to change the diaper before swaddling the baby and putting it in a baby backpack/ bjorn/ or sling and taking it for a quick run.
I hope they don't change their real baby like this when she comes :)
It was awesome- all the couples got way into it.
And it was a dress up party... We dressed up as Pirates
The Rands came as Nerds
The Trotters were Break dancers (they were the ones we threw the shower for)
The Jorgenson's came as Rock Stars
The Bells came as Treckies
The Browns came as Cowboys
The Gautiers came as Rappers (thanks to a friend that's an undercover officer)
So we wanted to throw a shower for our good friends Hayes and Kelly who are expecting their first kiddo- a girl about a month after us. We decided to make it a couples shower and assign different themes for everyone to come dressed as- which made it more fun for sure.
We also had everyone decorate onesies in advance which was a cool surprise for the couple. Most of the decorations and recipes i got from the Hostess with the Mostess Website- one of my favs.
The food turned out well from the Chocolate Chip cookie cake to the Oreo Truffles to the Chocolate Croissants. The games were a hit. We started with playing 2 truths and a lie with everyone and trying to read people. The next game was a little gross but it's one of Aaron's favs- we melted 6 different candy bars in diapers and then mashed it up- everyone had to guess what candy was in which diaper. Game number three was similar to pictionary only with Play dough. Each couple had to scuplt different things like a bottle, pacifier, baby back ribs, etc. It was pretty funny. The last game was a pretty elaborate relay involving both the husbands and the wives. It started with them changing the baby doll's diaper and then swaddling the doll in a blanket before handing it off to their partner who wore the doll either in a baby backpack, bjorn, or sling and had to run down into our living room around the coffee table and back to the kitchen where their partner fed them a jar of sweet potatoe baby food then it finished with one of the partners downing a baby bottle of water. Lots of Laughs were had.
We love to entertain and can't wait for the opporunity to have another party sometime soon.

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Mama Mote said...

Now that's a baby shower!!! How fun! Kurt Rambis? Now there's a player from the past. GO LAKERS!!