Wednesday, October 21, 2009

September 2009

Kisses at the Park
More Kisses
Dannng that's a big belly....
Don't forget your hat
Can't hide the belly button anymore
Bath time with Kirsten
Our last Rockies game of the season- on the field for the Fireworks show
Happy Boy
taking a breather
Daddy's furry
Lets get bundled up - it's snowing in September
Go Dodgers!!!
Playtime with Dakota and Kate before they moved to Kenya with their mommy and daddy to become missionaries
September flew by. It was so good to see our friends Troy and Becca who were in Colorado Springs for a training before they flew out in October to their new home in Kenya. Our hearts and prayers are with them. Aricin had a blast playing with their girls (Dakota and Kate) they have another girl on the way in January that they will have in Kenya. Our good friends the Conrads also came out to visit for a few days- Aricin loved being chased around the house by Kirsten who is a week younger than him.
I found myself busy with Volleyball which has been soo much fun!!! My girls Frosh/Soph girls were undefeated until last week when i was out sick and i just found out they lost their first game. Soooo sad. This is the last week of our season and i'm honestly bummed- i forgot how much i love volleyball- I'm already looking forward to next season. Did i mention my girls beat the JV team- ok i'm done bragging about them. So i mentioned i got sick... boy did i get sick... I got the swine flu and then passed it onto Aricin. They had to put me on Tamiflu and Tussinex - 2 meds that aren't great for pregnant people but the doctors said the Risks of not being on them were greater then taking them. I'm finally starting to feel better despite and nasty cough that won't seem to go away. Aricin is also getting better and as for Aaron - he's been healthy up until this morning- hopefully he doesn't have the Swine Flu and it's just a cold. Aaron's been busy with Waterpolo coaching on Mondays and he's teaching a class at our church on sundays exploring C.S.Lewis's book The Voyage of the Don Treader. He's also having fun teaching Ethics and Bible Survey this semester at Valor.
We are getting more and more anxious for the arrival of our little girl. We just can't wait to meet her and i'm starting to get a little crazy. Nesting has set in as well as the Braxton Hicks contractions. I feel like we're getting close (I'm currently 35.5 weeks and had Aricin at 37.5 weeks) The doctor says babies born at altitude typicaly come early and are typically lighter then sea level babies. I'm a little nervous about the transition and craziness of having an infant again. I'm praying she won't be colicky like her brother and that i will be able to survive with the sleep deprivation.

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