Wednesday, November 04, 2009

October 2009- Talia's Arrival

Daddy's Girl

All bundled up
Cuddling with Daddy
6 pounds 6 ounces . 19 inches
Seriously guys? Things were so good just the 3 of us
Sweet Girl
Pretty in pink
Momma and baby
Daddy's girl
The Rands
The Taylors
The Browns
Time for sledding
Let it snow...
My pumpkin
Which one to choose?
October flew by. On Monday the 26th I went in to my ObGyn for a check up and was surprised to find that I was already dialted 5cm and 100% effaced. I also went into my General Practioner that day to find out that my residual cough from the H1N1 had turned into Bronchitis. So it would seem that all that coughing helped to work the baby down and almost out. A few days later on Wednesday the 28th we woke up to lots of gorgeous snow- so much snow in fact that school was cancelled for Aaron and he got to stay home. When I thought I might be leaking fluid and was seeing "floaters" in my vision, I called my doctor who told us to head to the hospital. We dropped Aricin off with our good friends the Kirchners and headed to Littleton Adventist.
At the hospital I was examined and they concluded I was still at 5cm and totally fine. The nurse also concluded that when my water broke, the baby would come fast. She gave Aaron instructions on how to deliver the baby if she were to come while we're in the car on our way back to the hospital since there was a blizzard outside. A little freaked out by her instructions Aaron asked if we could walk around the hospital for an hour and then get rechecked. During the next hour Aaron played coach as he sent me jogging down the halls of the hospital. He had me doing the grapevine, jumping and hitting archways, and jogging as fast as I could. After the hour long work out I was reexamined and to my nurse's surprise I was at 8cm. She and the rest of the nurses on staff were shocked to see that i was cruising around at 8cm and not feeling any pain or contractions. One nurse made the comment that they see people like me once every 3 years or so. We were feeling pretty lucky to say the least.
Our doctor showed up soon after and broke my water. Some pretty intense contractions followed for the next 45 minutes at that point I called my nurse into the room and asked for some Tylenol- she laughed at me and said "you think that's going to make you feel better." As I started to consider an epidural my doctor examined me and said it was time to push. Just as the doctor left to get changed and the nurse left to prep the room, I got a big contraction and couldn't not push. As I started pushing, Aaron's eyes got huge - as he was the only one left in the room, watching the baby's head crown. After 10 minutes of pushing Talia Elizabeth was born 3 1/2 weeks early at 6 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long. All 3 days we stayed in the hospital turned out to be snow days for Aaron which was great- we watched the blizzard that dumped a little over 2 feet from inside the cozy hospital.
We have since returned home. Talia is now a week old. My mom is here helping which has been amazing and Aricin is adjusting to life with a sibling. He is starting to say sister and Talia and tries to give her hugs and kisses- we're still working on how to be gentle. She is a good girl- sleeps almost all the time and rarely cries. We feel so blessed, happy, tired, drained, and just filled with joy.


Mama Mote said...

What a beautiful little girl. But then, look at her parents. :) I just adore her name...especially that middle name. So glad things worked out for you and that Aricin is becoming a little brother to Talia. Congratulations!!!

Ethan said...

Congratulations guys! What a beautiful girl. How wonderful everything worked out. Cheers to the growing family!

crosbiefamily said...

I always knew you were wonder woman, you are so tough!!!! I haven't checked your blog in awhile I was so excited to see that you had delivered. I am glad Aaron didn't have to deliver you in the back of your car. Well I love you and hope that someday I will get to meet your two beautiful children.

lindsey said...

congratulations! she is just beautiful!