Tuesday, January 05, 2010

December 2009

The Golden Gate
We Love San Francisco
Talia striking a pose
Grandpa- lets go down the hill again with me standing on the wagon
Fun times riding Grandpa
Grandma is the best at burping
Uncle Jon is just crazy
Uncle Jon the babysitter
This is the fountain daddy fell in at Ghiradelli Square when he was little
Snack time
Time for some Ghiradelli Chocolate :)
The Marina behind Pier 39
Looking down Lombard St. (Come on Tally- look alive)
We stopped at an Awesome French Cafe in North Beach on Columbus
In front of the Union Square Christmas Tree
Getting Buff with Uncle Jasun (Now i just need to work on my Denver Tan)
Christmas with the Buechelers
Dancing with my cousin Leilah
Egg Nog- A Ramos Family tradition on Christmas morning
Posing with Santa
Aricin's first time sitting with Santa. No smiles
Hanging out on the Pismo Pier watching daddy surf
Fun times with cousins Ayla and Attison
Attison and Aricin
Sweet Girl
The San Luis Obispo Crew stopping for Ice Cream
Nap time for Talia and Ayla
Uncle Jasun with Tally
Daddy has big shoes to fill
I can't believe December has come and gone. We had sooo much fun in California with friends and family. We were able to spend a few days on the Central Coast with Aaron's brother Andy and our sister-n-law, Star. It was great for the cousins to play together and Aaron and I were even able to sneak away for a couple of hours and go wine tasting at Turley and Eagle Castle Winerys. Turley was great if your a red wine lover- they had lots of great Zins. I liked Eagle Castle because i'm more of a white wine kind of girl and they had a huge variety to sample for only $5. At Eagle Castle we sat and got to know the owner and had fun hearing about the history of his vineyard and how he got into grapes.
We also stopped in Pismo so that Aaron could do a little surfing before heading to Santa Barbara and seeing Zoe before the Annual Christmas Eve lunch for the Marshall Family. On our way out we drove through Westmont- i was blown away at how much construction has gone on since the fires. The campus looks completely different and the track is pretty much complete.
Our time in Vtown was great- So good to hangout with the family and to have extra help with the kiddos.
We went up to San Francisco for a few days and took the Ferry into the city from Alameda. We did a lot of walking and broke in our double stroller. We hiked from Union Square through China Town down through North Beach and over to the Wharf. Aricin lost his froggy blankey so we back tracked a few blocks, found it and decided to hike up hill at what seemed like about a 45 degree angle to Lombard St. The crookedest street in the world. It was quite a hike but the view was amazing. We ate freshly steamed crab at the wharf and clam chowder before cruising Pier 39 and then jaunting over to Ghiradelli Square. We then hiked up to Union St by all the boutiques before catching a bus to Fillmore to my favorite Consignment shop, Crossroads where both Aaron and I were successfull with finding fun deals. We then hopped on the #3 back down to Union Square and then headed to Market where we jumped on an old Street Car to take us back to the hotel. The kids were troopers and were happy or slept most of the day. Fun times.
I can't believe we're back in Colorado. It's so good to be home but we look forward to going back to Cali again.


Kate said...

oh, nuts!! i'm sorry we missed you. i hope you had a good time in the w.a.r.m. weather!! i don't have your email address, so if you could email me i'll email you back with my addy. its tkservechrist@hotmail.com
could you send me your address too please?

Mama Mote said...

Talia and Ayla are so adorable sleeping next to each other. So glad you had a good trip to Cali. Sorry we missed you. We were in SLO a couple of times. It's so hard to be a visitor because you can't see everyone you want if your only there for a couple of days. Thanks for sharing the pics. Oh, and LOVE the PJs/robes?