Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 2010

February has been flying by. Things here have been good. We enrolled Aricin in a art class and a tumbling class- he loves running around at tumbling. In April he'll be in Music and Swim lessons- it's been so fun watching him learn and explore. We haven't started potty training yet but yesterday he approached me and asked to sit on the toilet- i sat him down and he peed. This might be too much information for some but i was blown away and soo excited. Soo we might start potty training soon. Talia is such a sweet girl and has started chuckling, she's always happy and so fun to have around. My brother Jon came out to visit and we went skiing at Arapahoe Basin and then to the Ice Carving Festival at Breckenridge- it was so good to see him and we had a ton of fun. Despite the cold and snow when he was out. I threw my second annual girls night and panty exchange before Valentines- we ate chocolate fondue, i made some strawberry merigne candies, and we had a white elephant panty exchange. We also threw a Gumbo Feed with Beignet for dessert on Mardi Gras. Yes, we've been busy. Aaron is still plugging away with revisions to his proposal and talking with two advisers from Edinburgh so that remains a huge possibility for our summer. Last night we went to an 80's party it was super fun and we even found a Ramones onesie for $.99 for Tally. I've been trying to make time for writing but haven't been as disciplined with it as i should be. Maybe next month :)

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