Wednesday, April 07, 2010

March & Mazatlan

Waiting for the bus
Our sweet girl
We loved the lobby furniture

Our happy beach baby

Fun times at the pool

Aricin did a little skateboarding at One Way Surf Shop

Hanging out

Zoning out


The Beach

Dinner Time

The Mariachi Band that serenaded us

Playing with daddy in the waves

Close up

Father and son

Lunch at La Bahia in the historical downtown

Lovin time with Grandma and Grandpa

City shots

City shots

The Cathedral (On Palm Sunday)

Tally's nap time

Grandma & Grandpa brought a couple of books for the kids

Our little lady bug

Our Crazy boy

Family shot with Tally grabbing Aricin


Daddy and Aricin playing the bongos at the zoo

Happy Talia

St. Patty's Day

In the hood

Eatting her fist

Huddle Huddle must mean trouble...

Cradle Cap

Book time

Art Class

Fishing at the Denver Children's Museum

Dressing up like a mouse at the museum

March was a super fun month. We visited the Denver Children's museum for the first time and hit up the Zoo a couple of times. The older Aricin gets the more animated he becomes when we visit the Zoo. He loves the Lions, Tigers, Bears, Fish, and Giraffes.
On the 26th we flew to Mazatlan, Mexico and met my parents for a week of fun in the sun. We got to the airport a few hours before my parents and had a car waiting for them with a sign with their names on it. Once they got the hotel Aricin surprised them in the lobby- it was awesome. The place we stayed was great- our tower was built two years ago and super nice. We had the best food- lots of street tacos, shrimp fajitas, and coronas. We did alot of walking as we explored the historic downtown, the golden zone, and even the aquarium & zoo.
As crazy as it sounds we were stoked to hit up a few time share presentations and ended up getting like 5 free meals and $1000 cash between us and my parents. Not a bad deal when all you have to do is say no. We felt safe the whole time we were there but did hear about the Cartel. Apparently alot of the drugs the Cartel is smuggling in Mexico comes from the Mazatlan area where it is grown. A couple days before we got there the Cartel ambushed a group of federales in Mazatlan with automatic weapons and grenades. Crazy!
One of the cooler parts of the trip was meeting Javier (a friend of a friend) who is a former pro surfer who has opened a surf shop in Mazatlan (One Way). There are 3 other One Way Surf Shops in SLO, Venura, and Santa Maria. Anyways Javier is also a pastor of a church in Mazatlan and does a ton of cool ministry. Javier introduced to Tom who is from Mammoth Lakes, CA and has opened two Coffee Shops (Looney Beans) in Mazatlan. Tom's is also doing some really cool ministry things in the city.
When we got back Aricin turned 2 - i can't believe my baby is 2 already. Whelp i've got a crier- gotta go.

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Mama Mote said...

Great pictures. And how dare you wear a two piece suit after having two kids! Obviously, I'm a bit jealous. I will never do that again (don't know if I'll ever get back in shape again). Oh, well. You look amazing, Janay! It's fun watching your kids grow - and they are growing up fast it looks like. hugs and love