Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April 2010

Cinco De Mayo Kisses
Cinco De Mayo

Happy Girl
Looking like a vintage Aricin pic

Guitar Fun

Reach for it...
Two little monkey's sitting on a bed...
Tally flipping her brother off :)
She's 6 months old

first day eating baby food
birthday cupcake
the party...

I found Aricin "cleaning" his sissy with a an entire box of baby wipes.
April was a blast! We threw a 2nd birthday party for Aricin with the theme of "If you give a mouse a cookie" one of his favorite books. Aricin was a little weirded out when we sang to him and told him to blow out the candles- he really hasn't been to many parties and didn't know what we were doing- it was pretty funny. The weather out here has been so much nicer then last april- we haven't had much snow- instead lots of nice spring days.
Tally is growing so fast- she's still having a tough time sitting up on her own and isn't a big fan of baby food but she loves watching her big brother and is most of the time a happy girl. Aricin is our little chatterbox- he loves to ask questions and try new words. Lately he's been talking about the Ocean in California and Uncle Jon in San Diego. He's a sweet heart and loves to help me out by bringing things that i might need when his sister is crying. He completed a music class in April that he wasn't so into. I think he had more fun watching his mamma crawl on the ground like a snake and jump like a frog- mamma's glad the class is over too :)
Edinburgh Update: We fly out in exactly two weeks and i'm started to get a little more nervous about this. We think we have someone to rent our house here and we don't have a flat yet in Scotland. We've been searching on line which is great but sometimes it's wise to see and smell the place before you lock into it- so there's a chance we might just wait until we get there- yes i know we're crazy- everyone continues to remind us in case we forget.
I'll update you soon on more of our crazy adventure.

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Catalina said...

janay, love love love aricin's 2nd birthday theme. so awesome. talia is so beautiful. i am really excited about all of the wonderful things that are happening in your lives. do you guys have a connection in scotland that you know you can trust? i know that there are a lot of scams specifically targeting people renting who aren't able to be there to search. let's talk soon. hugs!