Friday, June 04, 2010

Edinburgh the first 10 days...

Wish you could hear the pipes
Aricin loved his first ride on a zip line at the park
the parks out here have fun different things to play on

our happy girl
Aaron and Aricin on the steps to the castle
A few of our favorite things

Ready for a cold Edinburgh day

Greyfriar's Bobby- went to his grave every day for 14 years after he died. Good dog

Cool tower in old town
School that Harry Potter's school was modeled after
Edinburgh is were JK Rowling wrote all of the Harry Potter novels
This is one of my favorite streets. You can walk up above in the midevil old town or down below in the boutiques on the way to new town

love these red phone booths
Old University of Edinburgh Library
So much to say... I'm not sure where i should begin. Let me start by sharing a little about where we live. We live in a apartment complex called the Dumbiedykes it's low income government housing that was built in the 1960's. More recently the state has started selling the flats and they are being remodeled and inhabited by young professionals, students, and of course some of the original inhabitants. It's quite a mix that we live amongst but all and all we feel safe and love the flat. It's location is awesome, a couple blocks from the palace, next door to the University, across the street from the new Scottish parliament building and super close to the castle. We were told that one of the buildings of our complex has one wall covered in bricks- it's the one wall that's visible from the palace and they wanted that wall to look nice for when the queen looks out her window.
Speaking of the palace, the Royal Helicopter flew over today having lived in southern California my first thought was that they were looking for someone or that it was a high speed chase but i was wrong, apparently Prince Charles is hear right now. I'm tempted to pop over and see if i can borrow one of Camilla's wild hats :)
Out our window down the street i noticed some graffiti. The tagging said "Hibs" now coming from California my first thought was that this must be a gang reference but i was wrong. There are two soccer (football) clubs here in Scotland that have a pretty intense rivalry. The Hiberians are originally from Ireland and have a strong Irish Catholic following their rivals are the Midlothian Hearts who are followed by much of protestant Scotland. A couple days ago i saw more tagging over the "Hibs" the new tagging said "Hearts". It made me laugh because it's basically like living in LA and someone tagging Dodgers then someone else tagging Angels. The rivalry here is so intense here that most bars state "No football colors" as when fiery fans have a few beers brawls sometimes ensue.
So something crazy happened a few days ago, Monday morning i looked out our kitchen window to see a body, blood, police men, and paramedics. Apparently in the flat across from ours on the sixth floor a couple got in a fight and a guy climbed out of a window and fell. We didn't see it but yikes it was crazy. Two different officers came up to our flat questioning us as to if we had seen anything- i hope and pray the guy is alright.
Things here in Edinburgh are going well. Aaron's got his own little office and spends most of his days reading and writing notes on articles for his dissertation. Talia is in a rolly phase and rolls all around our flat and loves sweet potatoes but not at the same time. Aricin is a crack up. He loves to ask questions and talk. Today on our walk down the royal mile he pointed to a statue and said "Who's that?" Aaron said "That's the philosopher David Hume." then Aricin said "Bye David Hume." as we walked by he then asked when he saw another statue "Who's that?" Aaron said "that's the Christian reformer John Knox" Aricin then said "Bye John Knox" as we walked by. And as for me... I'm feeling far more acclimated. Thursday i went to a mom's group at our church P's and G's (St. Pauls and St. George's) they play group was awesome with about 80 kids. Aricin had fun playing, made a pot and planted a sunflower seed, and then enjoyed music time and i was able to meet a couple moms. Today i went to another mom's group across the street from our flat at a community center and met a few moms while Aricin made a couple new friends.
We are soo enjoying being able to go on walks and explore the city every afternoon. There are soo many little city's within this city and so many little parks within parks. We're even starting to find our favorite spots that we frequent.


Jodie said...

How beautiful! And the kids are adorable. Oh my goodness...

So glad you are settling in, and I hope your neighbor is okay! Loved reading the update.

Mama Mote said...

I hope your neighbor is okay, too. These are fun pictures. Looks like a lot to take in. Wish we could come visit. Greyfriar's Bobby - I remember that story and the movie (1961 version). So glsd you had this opportunity to visit even if there is work involved. Hope it's going well. hugs