Sunday, June 13, 2010

Edinburgh Weeks 2 & 3

Aricin in front of a college we stumbled upon on our long walk
Aricin and Daddy at the beach
Portobello Beach
Aricin and Daddy at the Edinburgh National Zoo
Aricin giving Simon a hug
Aricin with the Chipmunks
Tummy time
sleepy girl
In daddy's shoes
sleepy time
At the end of our 17 mile walk
We followed the trail along the canal to the port at Leith
Aricin wanted so bad to see the Ocean but fell asleep before we got there

Canal to Leith
Trail to Leith

runaway cow
Yes Please
"To Let" means "For Rent" but every time i see these signs i think it says "Toilet"
Aricin riding the Lochness Monster in the park (Castle in the background)
hike around the park below the castle
Daddy and Aricin at Princes St. Gardens
Everyone comes out to the park when it's sunny
This is how i look when i venture out with the kiddos alone
Our happy lass
Aricin and the fountain
fountain and the castle in the background
Playtime at the park with daddy and Aricin
St. John's Church's Cross
I can't believe we've been here for almost 3 weeks! It's gone by so fast. Last weekend we took a long long walk through the Royal Mile, past the grass market, down Princes St., by Stockbridge where we shopped in fun charity shops and found a couple great finds (a pair of euro jeans for me for 3.50 pounds and a shirt for Aaron). We also went to the Botanical Gardens before jumping down to the canal and following it to Leith where we got to see the Ocean. We got lost a few times but enjoyed the sunshine and scenery. We even get to see the Royal Yacht from a distance. The Leith harbor was pretty rocky and the port reminded me of Long Beach. On our way back we got hit with a monsoon type rain that came out of nowhere and absolutely drenched us. When we got back we checked online through Google maps how long we had gone and it turns out our long walk was about 17 miles. All and all the kids did great and we had fun.

This last week i got to go a couple different mom's groups and meet some new people. Aaron got to take part in some research and may actually start doing some writing with his Advisor on an experiential ed. project- he's super excited about this. Yesterday we hopped on a double decker bus and went to the Edinburgh National Zoo- the Zoo was awesome and on a big hill with great views of the countryside. We also got to see lots of baby animals which was precious. And did i mention they had several parks for kids within the zoo and a high ropes course- it was pretty cool. After the zoo we hopped back on the double decker and went to Portobello Beach. Portobello was sweet and we even got to watch a little of a beach volleyball tournament going on. This beach was so much better then Leith and i look forward to going back. After the beach we hopped on another bus and went to Costco and Ikea- fun times. Everyday is an adventure, today however we both are very soar from our busy weekend.

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