Monday, June 28, 2010

More of Edinburgh...

The Scots have a lot of bitterness towards England. Think of Mel Gibson in Braveheart. They've always wanted their "Freedom" and still want to be set apart from Great Britain. This shirt pretty much sums up the Scottish sentiment towards England.

The last week has gone by fast and we've now been here for 5 weeks! Over the weekend we went to a parade celebrating British Armed Forces Day- it was great with bagpipes and soldiers marching- Aricin loved all the action. We also hit up a Canal Festival where we got to see people who made their own rafts race along the water. Sunday we entertained for the first time in our tiny flat. We had Julie and Tony over with their 6 month old little girl. Julie and Tony are american and he's working on a PhD also- they are a great couple that i'm sure we will spend a lot more time with. It was fun to find that we several mutual friends through Westmont, Colorado, and other random connections.

I'm starting to feel more adjusted. I can't remember if i wrote it or not but the last couple of weeks i've been struggling with a little bit of homesickness and feeling the third culture of where we are. Feeling like... ok we've seen it all, now i'm ready to go home. And feeling like we're not tourists but not locals either. I'm happy to report i've accepted it all and am now trying to embrace it. I think the great weather has helped and i'm feeling pretty content.

Aaron is LOVING the research he's doing and is excited to be reading and writing a lot. He also has been stalked by a psychotic seagull that enjoys terrorizing him on his walks to his office from our flat. We noticed a few baby seagulls on top of our building which explains why the seagull has dive bombed Aaron so many times. Aaron's trying to not take it personal and we're hoping the seagull will relax a bit.

Coming soon... We leave in 3 days for London. I'm soooo excited! I'm a closet want to be brit and have been a huge fan of british culture as i love reading British chick literature. Can't wait to ride on the underground, see Wimbledon, and all the other cheese ball tourist attractions.


Tyler said...

What great pics of the kids!! Have a great time in London! Glad to hear that despite a little home-sickness, you all are doing well,

Catalina said...

Of course there is some homesickness... but what a dream you guys are able to live right now. Soak it all in Janay. This is such an amazing experience! We will love to see you guys when you're able to visit.