Wednesday, July 07, 2010

London in 3 days...

Kings Cross Train Station- London
This is our new Buggy- a double decker. We sold the last one here in London.
Fans on the lawn
Nadal on the jumbo screen
We watched most of the match from a screens on court 2

David Beckham was also at the match
Murray had soo many fans, but just couldn't beat Nadal

Greenwich beach walk- London
Big Ben and Parliament Building behind us

The London Eye- rides last 30 mins
Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

I love their hats
This is where we got the song "Puttin on the Ritz" stuck in our heads
stopped for an ice cream in Kensington Park
Kensington Palace Gardens
Princess Diana Pirates Playground in Kensington Park

The four Fountains at Kensington Park

Peter Pan Statue at Kensington Park

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain- it was a hot day and everyone was enjoying it
Hyde Park
Picadilly Circus

Easter Island Statue- British Museum
Ceiling of the British Museum
Dinner time- second drink over is my Pimms (Popular British summer time drink)

The Underground- you either love it or hate it
The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Natural History Museum

Tower Bridge
The Tower

We tackled and conquered London in 3 days. It was busy, crazy, fun, and exhausting.
We got up at about 5am on Friday to catch the train into London. After about 5 hours we were one stop away from our destination when our train stopped and we were told we had about three minutes to switch trains. Aaron grabbed Tally and headed out as he also had to switch the stroller at the front of the train. I grabbed Aricin and found Aaron outside the new train- he pointed to a train car and said Tally was in there and that he was going to go get the stroller. I panicked and jumped in the train and went right asking people if they had seen a baby. People got worried and i started a bit of a scene "She's lost her baby." Oh gees" i thought and decided to go left and check the next train car where i found Tally sitting up and smiling cooing with two sweet British ladies. Soon after the train started going and again i thought "Great. Aaron didn't make it on." But to my happy surprise Aaron barely made it on and found us. Whew!

We soon got to London and then jumped on the Underground to the Overground to our hotel. Aaron found a deal on a great hotel- white robes and exfoliating scrub in the bathroom. Big points from me. We dropped off our stuff and started our trek to Wimbledon. Wimbledon was amazing! The grounds are so well kept and it's almost hard to believe each of the courts are actually grass. We watched the Nadal- Murray match mostly from screens on court 2 but also from the big lawn. The kids did great and stayed quiet when they needed to. I loved people watching- the gorgous dresses and great suits- people really get dressed up to watch Tennis. It was also fun to see people drinking Pimms and people eatting the classic strawberries and cream. All and all it was amazing to actually be there. That night we headed back to Greenwich, where our hotel was and found a great park for Aricin to play in before walking along the water front and grabbing some great take away that we brought back to the room.

Saturday we started our day at the London Eye. We opted out of riding it as prices are about 18 pounds a person! It was great to see the classic London city scape of Big Ben and the Parliament building before walking across the bridge and over to Westminster Abbey and Jewel Tower. Next we walked to Buckingham Palace where they were doing the change of guard. I love the guard's in their tall cute black hats, looking so professional as they march back and forth unphased by anything. We then walked through St. James Park and stopped for a great lunch as we people watched from a patio table. Next we hopped on a double decker bus and drove by Hyde Park to Kensington Park. We found Kensington Palace and Gardens and were excited to find that they were having a children's party- Aricin got a balloon and it was fun surprise. This brought us to the Princess Diana Pirate Ship Playground- this place was AMAZING! It had a private entrance and you couldn't get in unless you're with kids. It had sand, water features, a giant pirate ship, teepees, and all kinds of little play areas for kids. Next we walked further in the park past the four fountains, the Peter Pan statue, and onto the Princess Diana memorial fountain. Kensington Park was great and I'd highly recommend it for anyone with kids. We then walked by Paddington Station home of Paddington the bear. We also walked by the Ritz and through Harrods Department store at some point- can't remember when. Much of the transportation in the city was shut down because of the Gay pride parade. Which we consequently stumbled upon along with the street party- funny thing is Aaron and I were both wearing red- the same color as all of the Gay pride t-shirts. We fit right in. Next we walked through SoHo where all the Broadway shows are and onto Picadilly Circus which was a lot like time square with all of the big electronic screens. We returned to Greenwich for an awesome dinner at a great place on the park where i tried my first Pimm's- a yummy summer British drink with fresh fruit similar to a sangria.

Sunday we found that 5 of the underground lines were shut down- uggh! It took us over 2 hours to get to the Natural History museum- bummer! But once we got there Aricin was enamored with the dinosaurs. Oh yeah did i mention we first went to Victoria and Albert's museum- this is where we had lunch in their courtyard and realized we were not at the Natural History Muesum. After all that we went to the London Bridge and Tower Bridge and got to see the Tower of London. Then we jumped on a train to head back to Edi.

All and all it was a fun weekend away. I particularly enjoyed noticing the fashion in London- everyone dresses up and the dresses were so cute! I'd equate it to the way people dress in Santa Monica or New York in the summer time. Edinburgh is probably more Denver-ish, casual and comfortable taking priority over cutting edge fashion. The kids were troopers and proved to be great travelers. We loved London and look forward to returning again maybe next summer.


Kimber said...

How fun! I love that your kids are getting the travel bug just like there momma! :)

Tyler said...

What a great whirlwind trip!! That's great that you got to do so much around the city. I really want to go to Wimbledon!