Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Edinburgh...

Never surprised at what you see walking down the street here during the festival

Thyme-has become my favorite sandwich shop- it will be missed

Jaymie Noland came to visit

The Mela International Festival of Cultures

Aricin the Lion
Edinburgh's Royal Military Tattoo

Our good friends Tony and Julie (he's working on a Phd in Philosophy)
We are going to miss them!
Brass Rubbing Museum used to be a cathedral- but was taken apart when Waverly station was built and moved to the Royal Mile

I brought Aricin to see "the Penguin" puppet show based on the book.

We saw the most amazing rainbow out our window the other day
Jeremy and Billy came to visit and we made pizzas
Jazz & Blues Parade

Hollyrood Palace Abbey
Tally turned 9 months
So much to say... these last couple of weeks have been packed with fun stuff- from festivals to sightseeing to shows to visitors. Here's a quick summary... We walked down the street to the Parliament building and dropped Aricin off in the Creche (free child care that had a sand box and water feature for kids to play with) at the Parliament building we got to see where their bills are passed and also checked out a free photography exhibit.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival lasts about 21 days and offers about 24,000 performances. We brought Aricin to an awesome puppet show and were happy to find a minder (babysitter) for the kids and got away to see a couple of shows. Brazil Brazil showcased Brazilian soccer tricks, dancing, drums, and singing- it was an upbeat fun show. Celebrity Autobiography was a hilarious comedy show with a cast from Ugly Betty to Norm from Cheers- the whole show is made up of comedians reading autobiographies- so funny. Our favorite was Tiger Woods among others.

We also got to see Edinburgh's Royal Military Tattoo- an awesome show with military bands and super entertaining. We went with our good friends Tony and Julie who go to our church (P's and G's). Random side note about Tony and Julie- through talking we've discovered several mutual connections- they are friends with James Sullivan and his wife (i went to high school with James), Chris and Emily Kates (I went to Westmont with Chris and Emily), Tim and Karen Bayless (Aaron went to seminary with Tim at Talbot when we lived in Orange County, and they are friends with Jeff and Katie Brown (Aaron now teaches with Jeff). Super small world and fun to meet new people and have so much in common.

We leave to go home the day after tomorrow and i'm starting to reflect on the things I miss from home... My dyson (no vacume here), my hair dryer (blew the fuse and killed it first day here), my clothes dryer (we've had to hang our clothes), and our car (no car here). I can't wait to sleep in our bed and for the kids to be back in their rooms and to see friends and family back in the states.

Having said all that there are a few things that I'm going to miss about Edinburgh... The lax lifestyle (walking around and not having to be anywhere at anytime), Walking (anytime we needed to go anywhere we walked- to church, to dinner, to get groceries and we've feeling quite fit), The Fudge shop with free samples around the corner from our house (lets just say i've had a lot of free fudge this summer), our church-P's and G's (St. Pauls and St. George's is probably my favorite church i've ever attended and I will really miss it. It would probably best be described as a casual high church in an old cathedral that has been modernized. Our view (we have an amazing view of the crags that will be missed) Inteligent TV (everynight there are great shows on and lots of documentaries).

Aricin is at a really fun stage- he loves telling us "I love you soooo much". He has a really sweet temperment and it's fun to sit back and watch him help others or try to make friends- i love his innocence, curiosity, and sweetness. Tally is saying momma and tonight said Dada for the first time- she is a quick crawler and loves to follow her big brother.

Oh Edinburgh we will miss you... I'm soo going to miss my mommy friends i've made at the Braidwood center. (sigh) I've been doing a lot of reflecting... it's neat to think about all of the last minute things we and others prayed for - for a place for us to live, for me to make mommy friends, for Aaron to have a productive summer or research and writing. It's seems like so often i'm quick to pray but very rarely stop and thank God for all the things that have happend because of him- Thank you God for making this summer happen and blessing us through our flat and the friends you put in our path.

It's funny... When we first got here 3 months ago I viewed Edinburgh ethnocentricly - with a critical eye of all the odd things that were different here then in America. I'm laughing now as we prepare to go back to the states and i find myself preparing very critically to go back to the US. There are already things that i've thought about and am bothered by in the US (I hate how much stuff we as americans have- it's been nice to try to live simply this summer in 500 square feet as opposed to almost 2000 square feet. ) anyways what i'm trying to say is... i think i'm trying to grasp what i enjoyed most about the UK and this summer and try to figure out how i can take those things and grow and apply them. Trying to slow down more and live simply i suppose.
Good bye Edinburgh see you next summer


The Winger Family said...

Loved reading all about your trip! As you start to live more "simply" write about what you are doing please...its been a desire of my heart as well.

-Kimbers little sis :)

Tyler said...

What a great summer it has been for you!! So many great things. Glad to be able to read all about it.