Tuesday, October 05, 2010

September 2010

Potty Training Day One
Monkey Love with Uncle Jasun

The T-shirts are from the Martinet Family Reunion

Playing at the park in Santa Barbara with Eli and Faith

Zoe's Wedding...

Amber- The bridesmaid on the far right had her baby the next day
The happy couple
Jess and Sav
Amber and Kev
Air time at Great Grandma's pool in Santa Barbara
The Girls
Fun with Grandpa
Fun with Grandma
East Beach, Santa Barbara...


Aricin asking Aaron what his major should be when he comes to Westmont
Tally stretching on Westmont's new track

Skinny dipping at Aunt Marie and Uncle Jesse's house

Ben & Rachael Wilson (Friends from Talbot) visited us before they made the move to Cambridge, England where Ben is starting work on a Phd.
The Denver Aquarium with the Kettlers...

Play time with Shaving Cream and friends...

Great Grandma Ruth and Great Grandpa Ron came to visit...

We saw this Elk while in Evergreen for a Volleyball tournament
Day at the Denver Zoo...

Colorado Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival...

They tell me that "their doing the baby thing until their band gets signed."
Dodgers vs. Rockies game...

Aricin and Max (the biggest dog ever!)

Whelp, as you can see September has been very full and busy. We've been back from Scotland for about 6 weeks and in that time have hit up the Colorado Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival, Denver Zoo, Littleton Parade, Denver Aquarium, and so many other things. I've loved this warm fall- it feels like summer and since Scotland was more brisk then i would have preferred- I'm enjoying this belated summer. It's been soo good to hang out with friends and be able to meet with our small group. Aricin is growing and talking like crazy. He cracks me up with the things he says from "Oh my goodness" to "mommy look at the sunset and the moon." We are starting to potty train and having mixed results. Tally is so sweet- she crawls upstairs but not down yet. She walks along furniture and is getting more and more teeth. She loves to follow her brother around and is full of smiles. I've been busy coaching the Frosh/Soph volleyball team at Valor which has been SOOO LIFE GIVING for me- I really look forward to practices, games, and just getting to know my girls better. Aaron's jumped back into teaching and last week got hit hard with the flu-we were concerned that it might be mono- but after two rounds of Anti-biotics and Pregnazone he finally started feeling better.
We flew out to California for a few days when one of my best friends from College, Zoe- got married. We stayed a night in Thousand Oaks with my Aunt Marie and Uncle Jesse before heading to Santa Barbara where my parents watched the kids and we got to play. We got to visit with lots of family and got to catch up with so many old friends- it was a sweet time and soo good to be back on the beach in Santa Barbara- i look forward to returning again soon.
Lately i've been struggling with feeling busy and unrested- i feared this would happen when we got back from Scotland. I know i've said it before but this summer was so restful and peaceful. I'm struggling to find a balance between being a healthy busy but also making time for some quiet and connecting with God. Why does America feel so much more busy and just louder then other places?

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Mama Mote said...

WOW!!!! That's all I can say. Actually, I love catching up with the lives of others who mean so much to us. Glad to see things are going well. And I will pray you find the balance you need to connect with God and still do what you need to do with family and jobs. love you guys...your kids are adorable!!!