Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marshall Family Ode 2010- a recap of the year...

Hi friends, here’s a little note from us to you,

Filled with love to fill you in on all that’s new.

In January we visited Mesa spending time with people we love.

We got to try snowshoeing too; kids bundled and the sun shining above.

In February Aricin kept busy with tumbling, art, & music classes.

And we finally hit the slopes at A-Basin with Jon - yeah for ski passes!

The Breckenridge ice carving festival is a tradition we just can’t miss.

We also threw a Mardi Gras Party with Gumbo & Beignet’s- pure bliss.

During spring we met grandparents in Mazatlan to relax and renew,

An “If you give a mouse a cookie” party meant Aricin was now two.

In late May we moved into our 500 square foot Edinburgh Flat

Surrounded by cobblestone, castles, bagpipers, & plaid scottish hats.

We loved making new friends & exploring the city- rain or shine,

Aaron studied hard and enjoyed their cask ales to their wine.

It was refreshing to embrace the history and national pride they represent.

While Aaron enjoyed scotch, Janay reveled at the Scottish accent

Aaron’s days were spent reading about moral and experiential education

While Janay walked the town and frequented play-groups during our “vacation.”

We checked out Glasgow, Oban, Inverness, Aberdeen, and St. Andrews Beach

Our time was fun and full of challenge - God taught us no dreams are out of reach

We didnt’ catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster (at least not yet)

I think Aricin half hoped we’d take home a furry highland cow as a pet

Janay was interviewed on TV while buying tickets for the “Tattoo” - what a show!

August’s festival offered show after show - apparently summer’s a great time to go.

A weekend in London felt like a whirlwind tour of all major sites

Hyde Park was a hit with the kids - Neverland, fountains, ice cream and kites.

Briefly we visited Wimbledon to see Scotland’s Murray vs. Nadal in a final match

All in all our summer in the UK was amazing despite a short rainy patch

We got back and Janay jumped into a season of coaching high school volleyball

Aaron’s teaching ethics and has started a tutoring company - its been a busy fall

We saw the Hot Air Balloon Festival, the Dodgers, and the Denver Zoo

And flew to Santa Barbara for a Wedding, good times - saw the beach too!

In October Talia turned one; she’s standing, climbing, laughing, and such a joy.

Aricin loves zip lines, reading, talking about anything & being a boy

The kids are growing fast - and we’re trying to embrace every moment

Knowing soon they’ll be gone & we’ll just have each other to torment.

We still love life out here in Colorado - it just feels right

The weather is grand and all four seasons are quite a sight

Looking back at this year we feel immensely blessed

We see the work of our Lord and know he’s never at rest

Life is a journey and lasts but a short while

Stumbling, we try to live beneath God’s smile

So that’s our year so much to tell

We hope all of you are happy, healthy, and well

We wish you peace, love, joy and blessings this holiday season

And invite you to visit anytime for any reason

Merry Christmas

Love Aaron, Janay, Aricin, and Talia

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear what you guys have been up to. Miss you lots!!