Thursday, January 06, 2011

December Fun with Friends and Family...

We got a christmas tree this year- our first one in 4 years.
We haven't gotten one in a while since we go back to Cali for Christmas every year.

Found this pic and had to sneak it in

Bubble Fun...

Christmas party for the girls...
Oreo Truffles.... Mmmmmm
Sweet Sushi
Aaron made this bed for Aricin- they love it
We picked up this super slide on Craigslist and it's been great in the basement for snowy days when we can't go to the park.

Aricin's first trip to Disneyland- Toon Town

Tena and the kids
Tally got to go to her cousin, Leilah's Fairy party

Marshall Family
Running from Uncle Jasun
Tally got her first Cabbage Patch doll (Demaris- according to her Birth Certificate)
The guys got toy air planes and had fun playing with them...

Christmas at Great Grandma Ramos's house
Aricin and Leilah
Fun with Grandpa Rick
The sisters
Annual pull up workout with Uncle Jasun
Tally and Uncle Jasun
Tally and Joelle
Courtney, Jon, and us
The Martinet Cousins
The Marshall Cousins
Wine Tasting...
with Tracy and Scott...
best double date ever!

Aricin and Luke
Maddie and Carrie
Tally getting her jump on
Scary smile
Tally teaching uncle Jon the secrets of the Rubiks cube
Aricin and Uncle Jon
Aricin and Kirsten
Aricin and Jovie
Beckham and Tally
Watch out- Lady with a baby
Aricin and Lachlan
Grandpa stealing Tally's milk
Grandma and a pouty Aricin
Always a Fiesta at the Ramos house
December was Awesome!!!
We drove out to California for the first time (we usually fly) and it wasn't soo bad. There and back we stopped in Mesa, Colorado and stayed with family. It's about 3.5 hours from our house to Mesa and then another 12 hours to Pasadena. On the way back it was a 14 hour day from Visalia to Mesa. Aaron was a champ and we didn't hit any bad weather, only saw a few deer, a little snow, and a little ice around the Colorado mountain resorts. Aricin watched DVD after DVD, Tally slept most of the time and Aaron and I talked and talked which was great.
We stayed a few nights in Pasadena with Aaron's dad and Diane. We had a great time with them and they took us to Disneyland which was awesome. It unfortunately rained the whole day but we were able to go on all our favorite rides. It was awesome to watch it through the eyes of the kids. Tally danced during small world. Aricin was glued to the port hole during the Finding Nemo submarine and I once again tripled Aaron's score in Buzz Lightyear's astroblasters- i still won't tell my secrets and please don't tell him the tricks if you know them, i take great pleasure in being able to beat him in something. We spent most of our time in Visalia with my family, which was great- the kids got super spoiled by Grammie and Grandpa. My old college roommate, Tena drove down and got sushi with us- it was sooo good to just talk and go shopping with her- i miss my college girls. We spent Christmas Eve in Santa Barbara. Ahhhh Santa Barbara, the sun was out and it was so good to be near the ocean. We stopped by Jason and Zoe's house and got to meet their puppy, Duke. We also got to spend some good time with the Marshalls at Great Grandma Marshall's house. Christmas Day was busy at my parents house then off to Great Grandma Ramos's house in Terra Bella then off to Grandpa Rick's house in Porterville. It was soo good to see family we only get to see once a year. The day after Christmas we headed to the coast and met up with Jen and Kirst at Firestone (The best place to eat in San Luis Obispo) before heading to Avila Beach for Christmas with the Martinet Family. Again so sweet to see family and catch up. We spent the next few days with Aaron's brother, Andy and our sister-n-law, Star. Their kiddos are close to the same ages as ours and it was fun to watch the kids play. Aaron and i snuck away one day to go Wine tasting with friends (Tracy and Scott) drove down from San Jose. Yeah for a date!
The first vineyard we visited was Rotta, i really liked the Zinfandel Rose and the Muscat Canelli- yes i like sweet wines. Next we went to Veris (previous JanKris Vineyard) we had actually looked at this one 7 years ago as a possible venue for our wedding. Veris was my favorite and it happens to be the most photographed vineyard in SLO County, sitting on the top of a hill, it's views are gorgous! What made Veris stand out to me was their sparkling wines - Almond, Raspberry, and Peach. They seriously tasted like italian soda-dangerously yummy! We then stopped at Castoro- my favorite there was the grape juice. Scott bought a bottle. Lastly we went to Peachy Canyon. The only vineyard that charged was Rotta ($3). Super fun day with super fun company- Tracy and Scott are awesome and did i mention we finished the day at In-N-Out. Before heading back to Visalia we loaded up at Trader Joes with a couple of cases of wine and a few of our favorite Trader Joes things- since we don't have any in Colorado.
All and all our time in California was grand. It was soo good to see and catch up with friends and family that we only get to see once a year. It's tough because Aaron and I both feel like we are exactly where we're supposed to be right now. We didn't choose Colorado, Colorado chose us. God opened doors and brought us here and we feel like this is where he wants us- this is where he's using us for now. I think we hold onto that losely, knowing that at any time he can open/close doors to move us somewhere else. So for now we love it here, the hardest thing is being away from family. I'm excited that my brother, Jon and his girlfriend Courtney are flying out next month to visit. I hope that we will get to see my other brother, Jasun and my parents sometime soon.

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