Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011

Sledding in Breckenridge...

The Ice Carving Festival (Our 3rd time coming)

We threw a Moustache themed baby shower for friends of ours...

Name that Milk Moustache Game...

We brought this back from California, we had it in our old house
Aricin fell asleep during dinner time
I recovered our ottoman with super fun fabric i found
Tally and the Komodo Dragon

At the Zoo...

January was fun. We went to the zoo with friends, threw a fun Moustache themed baby shower for friends, and spent a weekend up in Breckenridge. Breck has become one of our favorite mountain spots - every year we make it up there for the ice carving festival. This year we stayed the weekend up there and brought the kids sledding. Aricin loved sledding and kept giving us the play by play- "I went so fast, then it jumped, and i went sooo high! Let's do it again." Both kids have been fighting colds, fevers, runny noses, and coughs. They seem to be getting better however i think i've gotten their germs as i'm starting to feel crummy. It's snowing right now and the high tomorrow is supposed to be -4 (yes the high) Aaron's hoping for a snow day and i've gone grocery shopping so we don't plan on leaving the house for the next couple of days. All and all things here are going good, I have a work out swap going on with a fellow mommy (Every tuesday we watch each others kids while we take turns going to the gym). Aaron's been busy teaching Spiritual Formation and Apologetics and his hands in a couple of business ideas he's working on. And... we've started only eating organic meat as a result of watching the documentary Food Inc. Oh yeah and we've switched our deodorants to non-alumnium ones (no we're not totally hippies just trying to make small changes).

So... I've been thinking a lot about Highlands Ranch, where we live. It's 12 miles south of Denver and has earned a reputation as being one of the best planned communities in the country. It was started in 1981 by developers from Mission Viejo, CA and It totally has a California feel to it. It was recognized by Forbes as one of the top places to move in the nation and In 2010, Business Week named it one of the best places to raise kids. Needless to say with all of it's parks, trails, rec centers, and amenities it feels quite perfect and safe. We basically live in a little bubble out here which is nice (especially having lived in a Grand Turino like neighborhood where our house got ransacked and broken into 10 times by Asian gang members). So safe is nice. But is it good? I mean on the surface it is, I love it here, but do i really want my kids to grow up in a community that's 90% upper to middle class white people? I'm glad we travel every summer to Edinburgh because the kids get to see how other people do life. I guess i've just been wondering how "Good for us" the easy comfortable life is. After all the bible says it is when we go through challenges and suffering that we are given the opportunity to grow and be stretched. Now, i'm not asking God for challenges or suffering I guess i've just been thinking about how good it is to really have it good? I want my kids to grow up sensitive to other cultures and loving people and i hope we can give that to them.

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