Wednesday, March 09, 2011

February Fun and our new ride...

After the death of our much loved Honda Pilot we went on the search for a replacement... and this is what we got.
It's a not new but I love it!
Tally learning how to express her emotions with the emotions stick
Today's word was Hysterical
Tally's bracelets

Sand fun

Jon and Courtney with the kids
Should i drill or vacuum?
Awww.... Jon and Courtney

The snow man
Oh February... February was crazy to say the least. It started with a fun visit from Jon and Courtney where we rolled and totaled our Honda Pilot in the mountains. As a result i spent the entire month putting around in our Chevy Impala rental car. We were all sick most of february. I battled a sinus infection- bad cough- and currently back in the sinus infection stage. Aricin is also on meds for a sinus infection and Tally currently has a double ear infection. Aaron has some how managed to avoid all of us and our germs. Oh yeah and we (aricin and I) got pink eye a few weeks ago. Fun times. The good news is as of two days ago we have another car. Truth be told i had my eyes on another expensive Honda Pilot but my somewhat wise and savy husband talked me into the idea of buying a cheap car that we could pay cash for and not have to worry about a car payment- especially since we've been and will continue to spend 3 months out of the year in Scotland. Having said that the search for our next car was ugly- we looked at a lot of cars i hated and finally came across some Range Rovers and Land Rover Discovery's that i fell in love with. We know they can sometimes be lemons (Certains years and makes) and that if you take it to a dealer they can be uber expensive but we have a mechanic that works primarily on British Motors so we're ready. I'm super pumped that it has a heated windshield (no scraping ice off baby) I'm also stoked it has two moon roofs, heated seats, and two jump seats in the back that fold down from the walls if we should need them. It sits super high which is fun for me and is rated one of the safest cars around (earning it a gold star from me) - in case we should roll again. There are also buttons inside for incase we take it bouldering up a mountain or need to cross a river. It's way more hard core then we are and i'm sure we will never used most of the buttons inside. Aaron's excited to take it camping and i kind of am too. If these things can keep Lions out while on safari then i can camp in it.
The kids are growing so fast and are at such fun stages. Tally loves to follow Aricin around and do whatever he's doing. She's very dramatic but also likes to laugh, clap, and dance. Aricin surprises us everyday with words like disgusting and gorgeous. He cracks us up and is so fun to have around. We are looking forward to taking off to Te-Te-Tennessee in about 10 days on a mini reunion with some of our friends from when Aaron was in Seminary in southern california. It should be fun to catch up and hang out with old friends.

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Kimber said...

Sickness has been bad this year! That means much better next year right?! I Like the emotion sticks! We needed those in the track house! ;)