Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Madness Marshall style...

For spring break we flew out to Te-Te-Tennessee for a mini reunion with good friends that Aaron went to Talbot (Biola's seminary where he got his MA) with. It had been almost 3 years since we had seen these guys and so sweet to catch up. Jeff and Angela (the couple on the far right in the pic below) moved to Tennessee so that Jeff could start work on his PhD in Political Philosophy. He and Aaron had soo much fun picking each other's brains with PhD and Philosophy talk. I had such a good time catching up with Angela and Tena. This last time we all saw each other we were all having babies (Aricin is 3 days younger then Jackson and 3 months older then Michael). An added bonus was that we all spilled that all three couples are pregnant again and due within about 3 weeks of each other. So so fun!

Marshalls, Shapiros, and Cervantez families
Jackson, Aricin, Michael, Abby, and Tally
3 little monkeys jumping on a bed

All tuckered out
They brought us into the Smokey Mountain National Forest and we got to explore

I love this shot! Super dad!

Our girl is always eating...

Aricin striking a pose
The kiddos
Enjoying nature- Aaron wishes we got outdoors more

The Shapiros
Cervantez Family

Bath time for the boys
Tally girl...

St. Patty's day Rainbow Jello fun

Dress up time...

She's a climber like her brother...
March has been so fun. We shared with friends and family that we are expecting baby #3 (we're about 13 weeks now) and are due October 8th. Aaron's tutoring company- Eudaimonia ES, Inc. is growing which is exciting and he also has his hand in another company, Impact edVentures, a tripping company which will be launching this summer with a trip to Uganda and two trips to the Bahamas both of which Aaron will be on. He also just found out that he's going to have the opportunity to develop a Humanities track at Valor- something he's wanted to see come about for a while and he also found out he's been chosen to be the Department Chair next year for Bible.

As for me, I've been busy working on my next novel of which I'm about a week away from being finished and ready to start submitting to my critique group of four other writer gals i've been working with for the last two years. And the kids... (Sigh) Can i just say i so love the ages and stages that they are at right now. Tally isn't talking a ton, she kind of has her own Chubakah like language that she seems to understand and sing in often. She loves to do whatever her brother is doing, loves to put on bracelets, drag her dolls around, and give out hugs and kisses to all of us. She is such a happy girl. Aricin is turning into a true boy. He talks all the time and is super curious. When he hears Aaron turn the shower on in the morning he jogs down the hall into our room and asks if he can come into my bed for "cuddles". Then he tells me that he loves me, it is so sweet! This morning i got weepy thinking that these moments are here but for a season and too soon he's going to be in school, in junior high, and then in high school. Yikes! it's probably just the pregnancy hormones but i'm getting teary again just thinking about it. I so appreciate his big heart and how he loves to help me with projects and loves to teach his sister. I'm thankful for this season and that i'm able to hang out with them and treasure these times. Aricin has just started praying and it's so sweet to hear the things he's thankful for. Tally's started putting her hands together before dinner when she watches us pray and it's also so sweet to watch her try to mimick us. It will be interesting to see how kiddo #3 fits into the mix. Aricin has just started telling me that he has a baby boy in his belly named Jackson. Kids are too funny. Lately i've been planning and prepping for his 3rd birthday party. I've just finished making 20 super hero capes and masks for his Super Hero party- it should be lots of fun, I'll post the pics and details soon.

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