Sunday, April 03, 2011

Aricin's 3rd Birthday and A Superhero Party

The sign on the bathroom of course

Oreo Truffles... Mmmmmm

The capes we made for the boys
The capes we made for the girls
The Vaporize a Villain game...
They each got a can of silly string and had to shoot it at the pics of the bad guys-
the kids loved it!

Can you find the Kryptonite.... We hung glow sticks on a string in the garage and they had to go in and find the kryptonite- they were totally into it!
Aricin and Tally in their capes and masks
Sarah and Paul Ragan
John and Sarah Kirchner
Bethany and Zack Brooks
Micah and Caleb Gautier
Jake Christy
Shane Christy
Hagan Trotter
James and Carly Kettler
Singing Happy Birthday
I can't believe my baby is 3. Aricin as brought so much joy into our world. He is curious and loves to explore everything. He loves adventure and can always be found climbing or jumping off of anything he can find. He loves sports and was so excited to get a soccer ball and tennis racquet for his birthday. And he has the sweetest spirit and heart- i love to watch how he loves on people and genuinely cares about others. I can't imagine our world without him.

We decided to throw a Superhero party and had a blast making 20 capes for Aricin and all of his friends. The kids got to find Kryptonite or glow sticks in our dark garage and got to vaporize a villain by spraying silly string at pics of bad guys. All and all it was a fun day and we were blessed with great weather- the high was 85 and now... less then 24 hours later it's snowing- colorado weather is crazy!


Priscilla Rynning said...

I think I lost my other note :( Anyhow..... Aricin's party was really SUPER!!!! On another note, have you met April's mom? I found out a couple of months ago that you and Aaron are friends with April and Jon and I have known Marcy and Richard several years through Lifewater and now Marcy is in the same knitting group with me!!! What a VERY small world!! We have been praying for April and Elias and Jon and will continue to.

susan said...

Is this THE Aaron Marshall who taught me how to play the guitar in Fiji when I was 14?? Holy crap! This is Susan Leacock -- I haven't talked to you in ages! I'd love to talk to you and I'm sure my parents would too! My email address is (I already get lots of spam, oh well!). It'd be great to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Geez loueez you guys! You could have a separate blog just on party throwing! And I love checking in on your blog, life with you is always interesting. :)