Monday, May 02, 2011

Our Adventures in April...

Our first Easter Egg Hunt
(In the living room thanks to the snow)
And a sugar rush soon followed

Tally quickly became addicted to Jelly Beans
Searching for the eggs...

Day at the pool
Tally loves the slide

Our friend Kirsten came out to visit...
Aricin had just the costume for her :)
We went to a pre season Colorado State Football game in Boulder
check out the actual Buffalo they have run the field
We had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa when they came out
We enrolled Aricin in soccer
which was more like him putting cones on his head or resting in the soccer net
Tally girl
The Coors Brewery Tour in Golden
Library computer time with Grandpa
The snow melted... time for some backyard fun
Aricin is our little dare devil at the park

Feeding the ducks

Spaghetti kisses...

Tally and her purse

Watch out lady with a baby
Aricin held her hand because she was afraid to cross the bridge

One of Aricin's favorite TV's show's is Super Why. My mom surprised us and made Super Why costumes for both Aricin and my dad- it was pretty Awesome!
Believe it or not it was 80 the day before... Colorado Weather is just crazy!
April has come and gone and now... I have a 3 year old that is very much a 3 year old. I thought the 2's were supposed to be terrible. 3's have been a challenge thus far but also very fun to watch Aricin become more and more articulate and thoughtful. Tally is 18 months old as of a few days ago and loves to do whatever her brother is doing. She's just started climbing more and more which makes me nervous. We enrolled Aricin in soccer which was silly because he liked putting the cones on his head and doing his own thing more then doing what everyone else was doing- oh well maybe next year. My parents came out to visit for a week of fun, we can't wait to see them again! Our friend Kirsten also flew out for a few days and it was so good to visit with her. Aaron's been busy with work and I've been busy chasing the kids and trying new recipes- which is soo fun for me!
This winter and now spring has been rough- we've gotten a crazy amount of snow. I think the mountains (Breck/Vail) have gotten something like 550 inches total this year- how crazy is that! We haven't gotten nearly that much because all of our snow melts within a few days. But this spring snow is killing me- my toes want to be free and happy in flip flops right now not bundled up in Uggs :) Good news is this week is supposed to be nice so you better believe me and the kids will be at the parks everyday! We tried to take a trip to Mesa, Colorado a few days ago. We left Highlands Ranch and it was 72 an hour into our drive in Georgetown we hit some pretty good snow and signs that said they had closed the Vail pass due to accidents and snow- so we turned around and stayed in town for the weekend. We've learned there's something very real about respecting the weather especially in the mountains especially after our roll in the pilot.
I'm starting to get more and more excited for Scotland. It looks like we'll probably leave in about a month- we haven't gotten our tickets yet and this will be a much shorter trip (around 4-6 weeks instead of 12 weeks). We're also looking for a flat. So much to be done between now and then. We'll keep you posted.
By the way, we've decided to not find out the sex of the baby. Aaron's thrilled and i'm still biting my tongue and fighting all of my innate desires to have control over the matter. We figure we'll be stoked either way and we have clothes for either one- so here we go!

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