Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June and Tan Toes...

WARNING: I've uploaded a crazy amount of pictures...
strike a pose
Tally got her face painted in Lake Arrowhead by her cousin, Rachel.

Aricin got Lightning McQueen painted on his face

Lake Arrowhead with cousins Anna and Emie
First Carousel ride in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead
feeding the ducks
Aricin and his buddy Seth in Santa Barbara
Jason and Zoe let us stay with them for a week in Santa Barbara
Aaron went Paddleboarding

Tally practicing her running form at Westmont
The Westmont fountain
Westmont bookstore find
Beach time...

lunch with Great Grandma Marshall
surfing down the hill at the zoo
Tally sliding down the hill at the zoo

And this is where we got married at the Santa Barbara Zoo... 7 years ago

Aricin feeding Betty Lou the Giraffe at the Zoo

Duncan the Dinosaur

Tally in a Dinosaur foot print

Whale bones at the Natural History Museum

Ring around the Rosies at the Santa Barbara Mission

Playtime at the park

24 weeks preggers pic

7th anniversary dinner at Longboards

Cousins Attison and Aricin
Cousins Ayla and Talia
Aaron with his dad and brother (The Marshall Boys)
Ramos Family pic... note the fake baby my mom's holding- just in case she opts to use the pic as a Christmas card when baby #3 will already be here :)
Spa surfing with Uncle Jasun and Uncle Jon

In-N-Out... it's what a hamburger is all about

Slide races with Grandpa

Playing with Grandpa Marshall

Twins day with Uncle Parker
Newport Beach
Backyard campout with daddy
Summer Backyard fun

trampoline tricks

Aaron's birthday sticker... in honor of our last car's "roll"
Papaya-shrimp yumminess
Caprese Salad
pre-haircut hair
we made sponge balls for water fun

June was soo fun. I don't even know where to begin... We went to our first concert at Red Rocks- an amazing venue where we saw Dispatch a pretty awesome band. We've been enjoying lots of evening walks (one of my favorite things) and i've been trying lots of new recipes (also one of my favorite things). The kids have seen lots of pool and sprinkler time and we've just been trying to enjoy as much outside time as we can. It's funny i think we appreciate being outside so much more because of the snow and cold that we got this spring. Aaron's been busy doing research for his PhD and has also demo'd the basement and is planning on renovating it sometime soon. I've been nesting and reorganizing everything i can get my hands on. Tally's vocabulary is growing and i love hearing her sweet girly voice say new words. Aricin is potty trained and loves helping us with everything from cooking to house projects.

We had an awesome time in California. We flew into Orange County and went straight to Newport Beach with our In-N-Out burgers. We stayed the night in Irvine with the Parkers and then drove up to Pasadena and spent some time with Aaron's dad and Diane. We stayed 2 nights with my Aunt and Uncle in Thousand Oaks and got to hang out with my parents and brothers which was awesome. We spent fathers day with Aaron's dad and his brother, Andy and his wife, Star and kiddos Attison and Ayla. It was so good to see family. We then headed over to Santa Barbara where we went Longboards on the pier for dinner on our 7th anniversary. We stayed with my old roommate Zoe and her husband Jason and appreciated their hospitality. In the week we were there we spent a lot of time at the beach, went to the zoo, the mission, state st., Westmont, we did it all and enjoyed great meals with friends. A small part of my heart will always remain in Santa Barbara- oh how i love that city. Aaron got to do some Paddle boarding (thank you Kevin and Amber) and Aricin got to feed Betty Lou the giraffe. I got to sneak out and go shopping with Zoe and Tally got to see turtles at the park. Our trip was awesome, refreshing, relaxing, and very much a vacation. We spent our last night up in Lake Arrowhead visiting my grandparents and aunt and uncle. Aaron got to do some Kayaking around the lake before we left. It's funny as good as it was to be in California it was also really good to be back home. As much as I whine about the winter cold and spring snow I think i do love it here and love the seasons.


Mama Mote said...

It's been 7 years? I remember coming - on our way home from Mexico I think. And how sweet it was to see June there. You've come a long way, you two. Love to see your family in pictures. Someday maybe we'll see you LIVE. Now that Noonie moved to CO Springs, we may head out to CO for a visit. We WILL head out that way. AE flies into Denver. We'll let you know. Noonie already has us going to a Broncos/Chargers game. HA Thanks for sharing your family. love you guys

Amber said...

We loved seeing you guys. I love that your mom is holding a fake baby. That is funny!