Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May 2011

We spent mothers day weekend in Mesa with family
Aricin and Uncle Rondo
Ahhhh Tally
Playing with the cousins
Tally, Carter, Aricin, and Jonas
Aricin and Carter

We spent a weekend up at Breckenridge with our small group.
The guys had an intense game of tether ball.

Uncle Bri reading to Aricin and Carly
Bath time for all the kiddos at Breck
fun times with friends
We threw a surprise birthday party for my friend, Jen
(she's a huge Michael Jackson fan)

Valor had a family bowling night. Aricin got to bowl with his buddy Caleb
Tally at our first Rockies game of the year
Aricin at the Rockies game

(21 weeks)
Our latest BIG news is that we aren't going to Edinburgh this summer. Aaron's advisor told him he could do the same research here in colorado and Pete (his advisor) will be spending all of july in Lakewood, Colorado (10 minutes from here) with his wife and in-laws. As a result Pete told Aaron he could meet with him while he's out here and count it as their would be meetings in Edinburgh this summer. Horray! Aaron's stoked because it's going to save us a lot of money. I was initially bummed but have come to the realization that being as pregnant as i am- it's probably a good thing to just stay put, besides we would have been on the 5th floor of a building that doesn't have elevators and that would have been rough carrying the stroller and kids up and down throughout the day. The good news is we will be returning to Edi in January as Aaron will need to present his research before a progression board, this trip will probably just be me, aaron, and the baby. We'll also return to the UK next summer so that he can do more research and writing and we're hoping to be able to stay a little longer to catch some of the olympics. Another note in regards to Aaron's research and writing... A paper he co-wrote last summer has been accepted at a conference in London, Aaron isn't able to travel to speak on it but his partner will go. And two of the chapters Aaron collaborated on last summer have been published in books- kind of exciting!

We had our big ultrasound a couple weeks ago and opted to not find out the sex of the baby. Whew it was hard for me, but i'm anxiously looking forward to finding out what this kiddo is. It's currently measuring 1-2 weeks early which would put my due dates sometime between the end of September and early October- which means baby will probably arrive in early septemberish. We've nicknamed the baby "trey" rather then calling the baby "it." All and all we are thankful that everything looks healthy thus far and are praying the last half of the this pregnancy will also be stress free. Tally loves to rub my belly and say "baby" and give it kisses. Aricin keeps telling us he doesn't want a baby because they cry. Poor guy i think he's a little nervous for what changes will take place.

More big news is that Aaron is done with his tutoring company, his partner bought him out. He's stoked because it's one less thing for him to stress about and we're considering using some of the money to renovate the basement. We are also planning on taking a trip to Cali from June 16th to June 25th. We will spend most of our time in Santa Barbara on the beach and a couple days in the LA area. I'm soo looking forward to the beach and i think Aaron is too. One other random snippet, i just brought our dog, Jeremiah in for his annual physical and... he now weighs 112 pounds. I realized that's a lot, but i was a little surprised when they marked him as "Obese." I felt a little defensive like i'm failing as a puppy parent. Needless to say we've been taking more walks with our awesome jogging stroller (thanks Rick for the Christmas present) over to the dog park. One last thing, Aaron is getting more and more excited about a company he started with two buddies (Impact Edventures) they are launching a Uganda trip this summer that his partners are leading and he's leading a week long sailing trip to the Bahamas. The trips are experientially driven focusing on developing leadership skills and making an "impact" in the areas they visit through service projects. I'm a little jealous that he'll be spending a week (July 22nd-29th) on boat in the Bahamas but am excited that my parents are going to fly out and help with the kids.

May flew by. We kept busy and were out of town quiet a bit. We love going to Mesa, Colorado. It's on the western slope and is known as Colorado's wine country. There are lots of peach orchards and vineyards and life just seems a bit slower. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend filled with bike rides along the Colorado and good times with family. We also spent a weekend up in Breckenridge with our small group. Through a valor connection we were allowed to stay at a pretty amazing cabin. It doesn't seem right using the word "cabin" when it's soo much nicer then any house i've ever stayed in. From the bar with it's Breckenridge Brewery tap and keg to the hot rock heater for the massage table and sharper image massage chair, to the hot tub, to the flat screen tv's everywhere- the place was pretty awesome and we enjoyed that it was walking distance to starbucks. It snowed a little while we were there- the snow just won't quit this year! All and all it was good times with our good friends. Our small group has grown to feel more like family then friends, we love them dearly. Last week we threw a surprise birthday party for my good friend, Jen who's a Michael Jackson fan- i had so much fun planning and prepping and things turned out pretty well.

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