Sunday, August 07, 2011

July Summertime Fun

Star and Andy came to visit with Attison and Ayla
Denver Aquarium

Denver Zoo
Fun at the Park...

New Belgium Brewery with Uncle Jasun and Nick..

Anheiser Busch Brewery with Uncle Jasun and Nick

Tally introducing Nick to her baby

Garden of the Gods with Uncle Jasun and Nick...

Mesa with the Buechelers...

Tally and Jonas
Aricin and Carter

5 stiches for me- compliments of some scrap metal sticking out in our basement
Super Tally
Snack time
4th of July

The crew
Father-son camping trip...

July flew by and was pretty busy. Aaron and a couple of our other guy friends brought their 3-5 year olds on a camping trip- the kids and dads all had a great time and Aricin even got to go fishing for the first time. He loved finding sticks, climbing things, and running around with his buddies. We also spent a weekend up in Mesa, Colorado visiting with my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle- we explored Grand Junction and even got to take a boat out for an afternoon on the lake. The kids loved playing with the cousins Jonas and Carter who are about their ages. 4th of July we stayed in Highlands Ranch and went to a parade and later watched fireworks with friends. We've enjoyed lots of water fun at the local pools, and fountains/ man made mini rivers at the parks here in Highlands Ranch. My brother Jasun and his friend Nick came out for a week to help me while Aaron went to the Bahamas. I kept the boys busy taking them to Boulder, Golden for the Coors Brewery, Ft. Collins for the New Belgium and Anheiser Busch Breweries, Colorado Springs for Garden of the Gods, and Downtown Denver- it was a busy week but also tons of fun. Meanwhile Aaron was in the Bahamas on a trip via Impact Edventures the company he and two buddies started about a year ago. They brought about seven highschoolers down there on a leadership development/ service trip. They spent the whole week on a sail boat, helped at an orphanage, did a ton of snorkeling, swam with barracudas and nurse sharks, collected huge Conch shells that they ate the critter out of and brought one of the shells home to me. All and all he had a blast and came home with a great tan. We missed him like crazy! The same day he got back, Jasun and Nick flew out and Star and Andy arrived. It was great to have Aaron's brother, Andy and our sis-n-law and niece and nephew out for a week. We brought them to the Denver Zoo and the Aquarium as well as lots of fun pool and park time. Aricin loved playing with Attison and Tally followed Ayla around a bit. We also dog sat an awesome yellow lab for two weeks- Jeremiah loves Molly and they did great together until Molly decided to make a great escape and dig a hole out of our yard. We ended up tracking her down and bringing her back- thank goodness! Aaron left for a 2 nighter retreat for Valor in Colorado Springs- I'm so sad the summer is done and he's back to it with school. Aricin starts pre school two days a week on August 23rd. He did a week of Vacation Bible School in July and loved it! He learned a couple new songs, did some great crafts, and made some new friends. I am 31 weeks along now and i feel like my super huge belly is dominating my body- it's getting harder to roll over at bed at night and i think i'm starting to waddle :) Aside from feeling really large, I feel great and am starting to be more and more eager about meeting this guy or girl. I'm nesting like crazy and reorganizing everything in my path and the kids love the baby too. Aricin likes to sit next to me and try to feel "baby Trey" while Tally gets jealous if Aricin touches my belly and usually yells at him "My baby." Aaron finished re-tileing the kids bathroom, putting in a new sump pump in our basement, and a six foot extension of our porch- i'll try to include pics next time- it looks great and has created a great space for us to sit and hang out in- the kids have their sand box out there and a teeter totter as well as a gate to keep them from leaving the front porch- it's great! Oh yeah and yesterday i brought the kids to the Douglas County Fair, they loved seeing all the animals- i love fairs! And now... i turn 32 in a week, Dang i'm getting old! Part of me is excited to get back into a normal routine with school starting and our small group starting up again- there's something great about a normal schedule and slowing down a bit.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys have had one majorly busy summer! You two tackle more projects and connect with more people than any other couple we know! Also, we love fairs as well...missing that this yaer for the first time in like 7 years. We will have to find a british version of a you think they will have men with mullets and 50 year old women wearing mini skirts and couples wearing all jean outfits? :)

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