Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Sessions and Lessons...

Down on the field at one of the last Rockies Game of the year- for the Fireworks show

Aricin and his buddies at the game
So... as we were leaving to walk to the park- i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized that I looked like a 50-something PE teacher man. (With the short shorts that are a little too tight and the huge belly hanging over. I grabbed a whistle and clip board and Aricin take a picture :)
My dear friend, Katie came over last weekend and helped put in our backsplash tile while Aaron and her husband started framing out the basement project. The backsplash turned out great! Come on over and see it

Aricin likes to drive his cars over the mountain that some might call my belly :)
We went into Denver one weekend and enjoyed some time at a park. Aaron brought his long board skateboard and "Kahuna Stick." Let me explain, while we were in California this summer he fell in love with paddle boarding when we got back not having a beach he bought the Kahuna Stick so he can kind of Paddle Board but on his long board skate board. Aricin loved trying it out.

Our little rock climber
September has almost come to a close... It's already the 18th and i'm over 37 weeks pregnant. When i first found out i was pregnant I prayed that this little guy/girl would stay in longer then my last two and be bigger then my 5 and 6 pound last two. At 31 weeks when i started having contractions and they had to give me a shot to stop my Uterus i was worried at how much longer this kid would stay in but continued to pray that this kiddo would stay in. Whelp now this little one has surpassed how long Tally stayed in and in two more days will pass how long Aricin stayed in. What a huge praise and testament to answered prayer! The sheer irony is that the last few days i found my self with an anxious heart. God is good and I'm thankful this kiddo is still growing and flourishing in my womb but a big part of me desperately wants to evict this comfortable kiddo and meet him or her. I think it's amplified by the fact that my parents fly in- in two days and i know my dad will only be here for 5 days and my mom will only be here for 10 days. And so i'm reminded that life in general can't be planned perfectly (despite my desires) but instead we must trust and rely on God's provision and timing.

Food for thought...
So about a year ago we watched the movie "Food Inc."- If you haven't seen it, you should it's pretty amazing as a result it changed the way we look at where our food comes from. We learned about antibiotics, steroids, concerns about ecoli outbreaks and have since changed the way we buy and eat food. Since then we started only buying organic meat, which means since it's more expensive we eat more fish, pastas, and salads and little less chicken and beef. More recently we had family share with us a cooler full of Elk meet which is super lean and organic. Yeah for Elk :)

Another concern has been high fructose corn syrup so... I've started buying Rudi's organic whole wheat bread, it's one of the only companies i've seen that make fructose free bread. I also stopped buying the kids gummy snacks and have switched over to Cliff Bar's Fruit ropes which are great and fructose free. We also buy a lot of the organic apple sauce pouches i can throw in my purse. We've made the switch from white pasta to wheat and have switched from Kraft's Mac-n-cheese to Annie's homegrown organic Mac-n-cheese. And if that weren't enough i've made sure to avoid the "Dirty Dozen" (top 12 produce that are contaminated with pesticides)
The list is below, we try to buy these oraganic...
1. Peaches
2. Apples
3. Sweet Bell Peppers
4. Celery
5. Nectarines
6. Strawberries
7. Cherries
8. Pears
9. Grapes (imported)
11. Lettuce
12. Potatoes

And then there are the "Clean 15" (these fruits and veggies have the least amount of pesticide residue, so we keep this in mind as it doesn't matter if you buy them organic)
1. Onions
2. Sweet Corn
3. Pineapple
4. Avocado
5. Asparagus
6. Sweet Peas
7. Mangos
8. Eggplant
9. Cantaloup (domestic)
10. Kiwi
11. Cabbage
12. Watermelon
13. Sweet Potatoes
14. Grapefruit
15. Mushrooms

As if that weren't enough to try to remember... we had friends over the other day that are a gluten free family that were telling us about Gluten (it's an additive or preservative that is put into most of the foods we eat as a filler or for flavor. Part of me wants to jump on the Gluten free bandwagon but i don't think it's in the stars or the finances for us right now... In the meanwhile I'm trying to be more aware of what i do buy that has gluten or other preservatives in it. I know i must sound crazy, growing up i never gave a second thought to the things i ate, but it is kind of fun reading, exploring, and learning about what we feed our kids and what we put in our bodies.

And yes, we did switch our deodorants over to the hippie Whole Foods kinds after learning that normal deodorants leave a residue of aluminum that can cause cancer. As if that weren't enough to try to remember i just read an article on those plug in air-freshners, apparently they emit toxins that have... you guessed it cause cancer so i tossed the couple we had around the house. One last thing, i just picked up a Radon Test at Home Depot yesterday, apparently it's a silent/odorless killer that is fairly prevalent in the soil of Colorado. One house can have it and the house next door can be totally Radon free. I know i sound neurotic - Aaron likes to make fun of me but i suppose we all have our vices :)


The Winger Family said...

Totally with you on switching eating habits!! :) We also only cook on stainless steal...non stick emits toxins when heated at high temps. Have you thought about cloth diapering?? We just switched over Emma AND Kylee! If you want some more fun documentaries we just watched "forks over knives" and "fat, sick and nearly dead".

Chastity Gomez said...

YEAH for blogs!!!! I enjoyed reading about your September! Praying for you as your little babe soon approaches!

jess huskey said...

Was praying for you on my run today as you were really on my mind with that baby almost here and then I saw your blog! Yeah for 37 weeks! What a turn around! Love the stuff on the food and what not. We have been living like for years and it has driven Sav nuts but I have to say I have slowly converted him on many things and he has also pulled me back a little the other way on certain things because you can go crazy worrying about it all and the bank account can take a serious hit:) His favorite is me always complaining that I smell because my "all natural" deoderant doesn't work:) Neither does the all natural bug spray and you'll notice my children are quite tan. Obviously the all natural sunscreen isn't fully protecting so chemicals absorbed into the skin every day of the summer of skin cancer? Tough call:) Not sure if you actually worry about any of this food stuff and what not but a verse that really helped put things in perspective for me was 1 Timothy 4:4. It allowed me to give myself permission to do the best I can and ask God to bless the choices I have to make that aren't necessarily the best remembering that He created everything and even though man sprays the pesticides God is still the one in control of it all! Lets talk soon! Can't wait for the news! You look great by the way. Love the old man gym teacher pic:)

Catalina said...

i love your family janay! such great photos. we're so excited to meet sweet oliver:)