Thursday, October 27, 2011

More of Oliver and October...

Kiddie pyramid

I love feet... and this shot shows so much of their personalities

It's a potty party... someday they will hate me for this pic
Aricin and Tally's room
Aaron lofted the beds- the kids love it and it created more floor space

I can't believe he's one month old already!

flipping mommy off- really?

Things here are dare i say... starting to settle down. We are all getting more sleep and that seems to make life a little easier. Oliver continues to be a pretty easy going baby which is great because he's happy to be hanging out in his swing or bouncer but it's hitting me more and more that i need to sit and hold him because there's a good chance he might be my last baby. Tally just finished her tumbling class a couple days ago so now i think i might try to bring her to the pool once a week while Aricin's at pre-school. Another thing we've been doing while Aricin's at pre-school is running... One of the four rec-centers allows strollers on their indoor running track, so i've been trying to run 2 miles twice a week with Oliver and Tally in the double stroller... it's been fun but man am i out of shape :(

Tally turns 2 tomorrow and we are having a "Little Miss. & Mr. Men" party for her this weekend. I can't believe she's 2 already. She's talking more and more and asserting herself like crazy. I love her independent spirit but know we will probably but heads more and more as she gets older. Aaron continues to keep busy with teaching, Phd work and Impact Edventures. Yesterday he got to stay home with us for a bit as he had a late start day because of the snow. Monday it was 80+ degrees... Wednesday (Yesterday) the high was like 27 and we got about half a foot of snow... Today it's warm and sunny and all the snow is starting to melt. You gotta love Denver weather.

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Aly said...

now that you mention it I remember that you are from there! I remember bc you are all Giants fans!!!;) anyway, we LOVE Visalia! Joey (my husband) taught his first year of teaching at Golden West High School many years ago. During that year he lived with Amy Pack (the editor of the Visalia newspaper, and her husband) and we got very close to their family. I thought you may know them since V-town is pretty small;)