Wednesday, February 09, 2011


We had a bit of a crazy weekend. My younger brother Jon and his girlfriend, Courtney flew in from San Diego on friday. Friday we brought them to the New Belgium Brewery to check out where Fat Tire Beer is made- they got a bunch of samples and had a lot of fun.

On Saturday we got a babysitter and headed up to Copper mountain Ski Resort. I Skiied and everyone else boarded. Did i mention it took 4 hours to get there (It usually takes under 2) but there was a bit of a blizzard going on. Copper got almost a foot of snow on Saturday and despite having wind chills of about -4 the conditions were great, lots of powder. On our way home, about 10 minutes after leaving Copper we hit some black ice. We skidded for about 250 yards before skidding sideways off the road in between the two lanes of traffic where we rolled and came to a stop upside down. We were all hanging by our seat belts when the car stopped moving. Aaron stayed calm the whole time and I freaked out pretty quick when i realized we couldn't open either of the front doors because they were smashed from the roof which was below us, i started to feel a little claustrophobic. My brother Jon opened his door and we all crawled out unharmed- no scratches, no bruises.

God had his hand on us is pretty much how you can sum it up. Everyone we talked to from the Firemen, to the highway patrol, to the tow truck all said we were incredibly lucky. The Firemen told us that where we crashed is a super common place for accidents because of the snow pack and black ice, the tow truck driver had already seen one fatality that day, and the high way patrol said our tires were pretty bald which didn't help things. All and all we feel completely blessed to still be alive and pretty content to stay in Denver and out of the mountains for a bit. The highway patrol said our car was totaled- we're still waiting on the official word from our insurance. We're currently driving a tiny 4 door rental car provided by our insurance and starting to look for another car, I've got my eyes on another Honda Pilot based on how safe it kept us. Although ultimately God was the one that kept us safe.