Thursday, October 27, 2011

More of Oliver and October...

Kiddie pyramid

I love feet... and this shot shows so much of their personalities

It's a potty party... someday they will hate me for this pic
Aricin and Tally's room
Aaron lofted the beds- the kids love it and it created more floor space

I can't believe he's one month old already!

flipping mommy off- really?

Things here are dare i say... starting to settle down. We are all getting more sleep and that seems to make life a little easier. Oliver continues to be a pretty easy going baby which is great because he's happy to be hanging out in his swing or bouncer but it's hitting me more and more that i need to sit and hold him because there's a good chance he might be my last baby. Tally just finished her tumbling class a couple days ago so now i think i might try to bring her to the pool once a week while Aricin's at pre-school. Another thing we've been doing while Aricin's at pre-school is running... One of the four rec-centers allows strollers on their indoor running track, so i've been trying to run 2 miles twice a week with Oliver and Tally in the double stroller... it's been fun but man am i out of shape :(

Tally turns 2 tomorrow and we are having a "Little Miss. & Mr. Men" party for her this weekend. I can't believe she's 2 already. She's talking more and more and asserting herself like crazy. I love her independent spirit but know we will probably but heads more and more as she gets older. Aaron continues to keep busy with teaching, Phd work and Impact Edventures. Yesterday he got to stay home with us for a bit as he had a late start day because of the snow. Monday it was 80+ degrees... Wednesday (Yesterday) the high was like 27 and we got about half a foot of snow... Today it's warm and sunny and all the snow is starting to melt. You gotta love Denver weather.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oliver and October...

Our Sweet boy

Drum time at the Zoo...
Love the Black Bear sleeping in the tree behind...

Tally in her tumbling class ...

Some brotherly love..

Our drive up to the mountains to see the changing leaves...

Soo tired before we left the hospital
Mr. Magoo

Our big boy... Aricin was 5.14 and Tally was 6.6
This guy was 7.6 and 2 1/2 weeks early!
Grandma and Grandpa booked their flight a month in advance and happend to make it to the hospital 2 hours before he came out.
Oliver was born on my Maternal Grandpa's (Clovis Martinet) birthday which made it extra special
If the baby would have been a girl...
Liam got booted at the last minute when we decided we liked Oliver better.
So much for planning ahead... If it were a girl her middle name would have been Ruth.

Oh how life has been busy around here... Let me start with the labor story... So i had gone to my doctor on a monday and was dilated to 4.5 cm. The next day my parents were set to fly in so like any normal person i walked like crazy and told Aaron we should go to the hospital and see where we were at. We got there at around 9pm and I was only at 5.5cm. They had me walk around for about 40minutes (I decided to jog up and down the halls) and 40minutes later i was at about 7.5cm. My doctor broke my water and i still wasn't feeling the contractions so i kept walking and cruising the halls until i was about 8.5cm then i was feeling the contractions pretty good so i returned to the hospital bed. That was at about midnight and my parents arrived. An hour later at about 1am i started to have some pretty intense contractions for about 40minutes followed by about 10-15minutes of pushing and then he was here. The experience was great and it was great to do it drug free again. My dad stayed for 5 days and my mom stayed for 10- it was great to have them out here and spoiling all of us!

Oliver is now 3 weeks old and it's been a crazy last few weeks. At his 1 week appointment he dropped from 7.6lbs to 7.2- the doctor assured us this was normal- we returned a week later and he had dropped down to 7.1- at this point the doctor recommended we start supplementing formula. I was super bummed as i was able to breast feed Aricin and Tally successfully for their first year without having to supplement. More than anything though i just wanted him to gain weight so we did it. 4 days later we returned and he had gained 9oz and was up to 7.10- good news so the doctor said we could start taking him off the formula- we did and he became constipated. we returned a week later and he had lost another 3oz. - the doctor had me nurse him and then weighed him again and he didn't gain anything- to my shock i learned i wasn't producing much milk. The doctor recommended taking the supplement Fenugreek, pumping, and supplementing formula again. Through pumping i realized i was only producing about 1/2 oz per side per feeding, so... Oliver has become a formula fed baby. I'm a little bummed that i wasn't able to provide what he needed for whatever reason but i'm happy to report that 2 days later his weight was back up to 7.10- and he did end up pooping after 4 long days (which the doctor said is normal). I was freaking out the whole time but praise God the baby finally pooped :) Sleep was rough the first week or so as he was waking up every hour and half. I saw a report on the news saying that people that miss 6 or more hours of sleep a night are the equivalent to being legally intoxicated. I joked with Aaron that i had been legally intoxicated for the last two weeks without having had anything to drink. This last week has been better- he usually has one 4-5 hour stretch and then a couple 3 hour stretches at night- so i'm starting to feel like a normal person again.

Aricin and Talia have been doing great! They both adore their little brother. I think it's been nice for them to get out of the house- Aricin to pre school twice a week and Talia to tumbling on tuesdays. We also take lots of trips to the park now that the weather is still nice. Last weekend we got our first snow- Aricin woke up so excited and wanted to build a snow man. And as for me... I'm doing well, trying to figure out how to balance 3 and make sure everyone gets enough love and attention.