Monday, November 21, 2011

Nuances of November

I love baby feet... and they grow so fast

Fun with Grandma

Made these for Aricin's preschool class
Someone gave us this book and we love it!

The fashionista
Nap time for the boys

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. November has been a blur for us. Aaron just got back from California- he flew to San Francisco for a few days for a conference and my mom flew out here to help with the kiddos. We had a great time with grandma- she spoiled everyone and was a huge help! Aaron had a great time at ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) and was able to reconnect with a bunch of old friends in the city. Something new for us for November has been a cash only budget (sigh) hubby tells me this will be a good discipline. I think he's right but ugh it's soo not fun to feel restricted. It's been a challenge to make things work on our new budget but as much as I whine and complain about it, I know it's a good thing. Oliver continues to grow he's up to 10 pounds now and loves to smile back at us, which makes my heart melt. Aricin is growing up to fast and LOVES to talk pretty much all the time- we laugh he surprises us with words like Cornucopia. Tally is also blossoming and is pretty much addicted to chap stick. She's talking more and more and asserting herself to everyone around her. They both love to help out with Oliver and dote on their younger brother. Thanksgiving is in a few days and we're looking forward to spending it at home with our each other and our kiddos. There is soo much to be Thankful for- as we reflect on God's goodness and grace.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Talia turned 2 and Halloween...

Our three crazy kiddos in their shirts from the party

Aricin and his best buddy Keegan
We did a Little Miss/ Mr. Men theme for Talia's party. These are the shirts/onesies we made for all the kids that came based on their personalities and the characters

Tally wearing her new baby carrier
Yee haw!
He almost dressed up as a cowboy but at the last minute decided on a Panda Bear
Oliver was a guitar and won for the 0-3 age group at the carnival we went to
Aaron and Zach at the KIDS Halloween carnival- can we say Competitive
Our kitty and Panda on Halloween
Aricin asked for a Zebra from the Balloon lady
Tally wanted an "Elelelelele..." you get the picture
It's been a busy week, Tally turned 2 and we thew a super fun Little miss/ Mr. Men party. I picked characters for each of the kids coming, found the images online, then printed them out and ironed them onto t-shirts and onesies for all the kids- it was a super fun project. Tally loved her party and all of the cupcakes and presents. The next day was Halloween and the kids were excited to put on their costumes and get more sugar. Oliver's done a great job of tolerating his busy family as he continues to sleep and hang out wherever we go. Yesterday we woke up to a foot of snow and Aaron was able to stay home as school was cancelled- Yipee for Snow Days. Today it's sunny and half of the snow has already melted but it looks like another storm is coming in a couple of days. There really is nothing like the beauty of waking up to everything outside coated in gorgeous white snow.