Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Disney December

WARNING: This post has a lot of pictures in it...
Oliver has started smiling...

Tally and Oliver watching Aricin sing and play his guitar
Our little Rock Star loves his new guitar
Aricin and his buddy Jovie in Visalia (They're 3 months apart)
Tally and Beckham (They're 3 weeks apart)
Evangeline Apple and Oliver Finnegan or Eve and Oli
(They have the same birthday) It was soo good to hang out with the Blairs while we were in Visalia.
Grandma Julie brought them to get gold fish for the big fish tank at her house
They loved naming all the fish
3 months old already!
Our sweet boy
How many kiddos can you fit on a kiddie couch
Sword fighting with Grandpa Rick
Playing in Grandpa Rick's truck
The girls and the kiddos
Great Grandma Alicia and the kiddos
Christmas Morning at the Ramos house
The kiddos and Grandpa, I mean Santa
Tally in her snowboarding chick outfit
Hanging with the uncles
Oh Trader Joes
It's a small world after all
Aricin watching the Disneyland Parade
Tally watching the Parade
Oliver watching us
Fun with Grandma Diane and Grandpa Bob
Sticking your tongue out always helps me focus too
The Princess Castle

Daddy teaching Aricin how to swing properly???
Peek a boo
Rock Climbing in California
Hanging out
Watch out he can climb anything
Tally and Grandpa Bob
Aricin as a Shepherd for his pre school performance

Bath time... love baby buns

Fun dry erase project i found on pinterest
The aftershocks of "No Shave November" Aaron having fun with his facial hair.
We'll call this one "the pencil stache"
More remnants of "No Shave November" this one's just scary we can call it
"The Crazy Cowboy"
Funny faces at dinner time

Ewww Gross i know!

And like that 2011 was done. December was so fun. From Christmas parties to catching up with friends and family I didn't want it to end. We drove out to California this year and the kids did surprisingly Awesome and by the grace of God we didn't encounter any snow. (Big praise after last February's roll over on the black ice) We started our trip in Glendale- spending a few days with Aaron's dad and Diane. They brought us to Disneyland, the kids had a blast and liked the finding Nemo ride and small world the best. I of course doubled Aaron's score again in the Buzz Light year shooting game (He claimed a faulty gun- maybe next year hunny). We then trecked to Visalia and hung out with the fam for a couple days before heading to the coast to hang out with Aaron's brother Andy and his wife Star and their kiddos Attison and Ayla. It was great for the kids to play together and fun to hang out before we headed to Santa Barbara. In Santa Barbara we got to catch up with our friends the Bancrofts before celebrating Christmas Eve with Aaron's grandma and the family. We were also able to visit with my old roommate Zoe and her hubby Jason. It was soooo good to be back in SB and see the sun go down over the ocean. We still want to move back someday but for now really feel like Colorado is where we're supposed to be. I told Aaron if it weren't for our friends and church in Highlands Ranch i'd be tempted to want to move back. Darn you Colorado friends! But really i was reminded of how special the community we have here is. The depth, vulnerbility and intimacy in our small group is pretty amazing and I can't imagine leaving it. We were able to stay in Visalia for another week or so before we took off. Which reminds me, Visalia is like twice as big as it was when i grew up there- it's grown so much and yet still smells the same (from all the local diaries) The kids got spoiled for the 2 weeks we were out by all of their grandparents and other friends and family.
Now we're back home which feels nice. Jeremiah managed to cut his lip while we were gone and as a result stole all of our christmas money. Silly dog. I'm getting back to a somewhat normal routine with the kids, we're still trying to get over colds and Aaron has dove back into school mode teaching Spiritual Formation and the Life of Christ this semester. He's also busy trying to finish a progression paper as he's hoping to fly back to Edinburgh next month to present it to a board.

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