Friday, February 03, 2012

Jumping into January...

We finally had to tell Oliver the Niners lost...
He really hoped this was going to be their year
He's still recovering from the loss
Tally loves to sing.. in her tutu... with her crown... and guitar :)
Our little engineer loves to teach me things
Whenever it's time to feed Oliver it's also time to feed her dolly
4 months old already!
Yes, chicks do love philosophers... it's why i married your daddy
Tally's attempt at a Tebow
Aricin Tebowing
Oliver getting attacked by a Zebra... just another day
Football fans
Another month has come and gone. Not much new this month. Talia's back in tumbling which she loves, Oliver is now rolling over and giggling which is soo fun. Aricin's learning about Dinosaurs in pre-school. Aaron's busy with Valor, Impact EdVentures, and Phd work. He'll actually be heading back to Scotland for a week in early March. And I started a new bible study on Wednesdays on parenting- something i could always use help with. Our Wednesday night small group has grown from 4 couples to 7 which is Awesome and crazy- we all do dinner together at our house and the kids play and be crazy. Big news for January is we've continued in our let's be healthy movement- have gotten rid of all the teflon pots and pans and have transitioned into only stainless steel. We've also said goodbye to all canned foods and i've started buying frozen veggies as well as making my own beans and freezing them. Next two goals are to make my own healthy salad dressings, get rid of most condiments, and make the switch to natural peanut butter. Another thing we did this month was our first Detoxifying Cleanse... I'm a nerd and kept a journal of some of the experience...

PREFACE...So the reason we're doing this detox is... well we saw a documentary- ok have seen several documentaries on food/health and as a result we've tried to make changes in our diet to eat more healthy. We've also heard it's beneficial to do a detoxifying cleanse at least once a year along with colon hydrotherapy because on average we have about 10lbs of bile clogged in our colons- gross I know. In addition both of my maternal grandparents died of colon cancer- so that makes me want to have a clean colon. I saw an add in the Whole Foods Newsletter for their Cleansing Detox for $12- a 14 day box of vitamins to cleanse your system.

DAY 1...I’m soo excited to start this detoxifying journey. We started the day with our vitamins and a blueberry, raspberry, and orange smoothie. At 10 I got a massage that was awesome and then I scored a LuLu Lemon workout tank for $4 at a thrift store. Aaron took the kids to the Zoo for the morning. On our way back I was telling Aaron how I had found 14 detox smoothies online and I planned on having each of the smoothies for each of our 14 detox days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Aaron said that doing all meals as juices or smoothies might be really hard. I said “Pssshhhh. Whatever I have great self control.” And likened it to running a race in that I didn’t want a crutch like walking during a half marathon. I told him I wanted to do this whole 14 days with smoothies. Again he said that he thought it might be hard because I hadn’t prepared my body or practiced. “Practiced” I said as I rolled my eyes at him mockingly.

3pm… I’m in the kitchen steaming beets- I’ve never bought beets in my life and the last time I remember eating them was when I was five and my grandma made them. Did I mention I’m steaming the beets to put in a smoothie? I chop off the stems and leaves and am about to throw them away when Aaron says I bet you could use that. “Seriously?” my resourceful hubby then tells me he read online you could sauté the stems with garlic and eat them. At this point I’m really hungry so I decide to try it… I sauté my Beet stems with garlic and lets just say it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I was so hungry for real solid food. I also made the beet, carrot, pear smoothie and have to share that it was disgusting! I was gagging trying to drink the last bits. By the time 6 rolled around I was hungry again and caved… I made a salad- so much for the smoothie only diet- I decided that since the Whole Foods Box doesn’t say anything about altering my diet that smoothies and salads will be good for the next 2 weeks.

DAY 2…For breakfast we made a almost yummy honeydew, mint, and cucumber smoothie. I think just straight honeydew would have been more satisfying. We went to church and volunteered to help out in the nursery for a meeting that was going on after the service- in return they got us subway sandwiches… Alright I know it’s not a smoothie or a salad but I was soo hungry and it tasted truly divine. From now on I’ll avoid all white flour and white sugar all animal products including eggs, milks, and meats and stick mostly to smoothies and salads. For dinner another salad.

DAY 7…I’ve been feeling pretty nautious and achy the last few mornings and I’m HANGRY- A state of anger induced by Hunger. But I should say that I’m less hungry then I was a week ago- it seems like by cutting down my portions/caloric intake I’m less hungry or fill up faster on these like a smoothie that wouldn’t have satisfied me before.

There is a hungry fat girl trapped inside that wants out! As I was shuttling Aricin to preschool and Talia to tumbling I was fantasizing about mashed potatoes-mmmmm. Forgive my Homer Simpson like fantasy. I have a confession… yesterday I had a handful of pretzels and put cheese on my beans at lunch and dinner and today after my salad for lunch… I had a heavenly spoonful of penut butter. Oh penut butter how I have missed you! Yesterday as I was making a smoothie the kids asked if they could have some I told them sure and they jumped up and down in anticipation… little did they know it was a spinach, parseley, celery, and cucumber smoothie. The looks on their faces was priceless as they took big gulps- I laughed- I laughed hard and then remembered I needed to drink my green smoothie then I gagged.

All and all week one I was way more disciplined and healthy then week two. Like i said the box didn't say you had to alter your diet- i was just trying to be uber healthy for 2 weeks and dang it was hard! I lost 5lbs in the first week and another 3 in the second week. We are now done and i do feel a little more healthy. I've stopped buying chicken nuggets for the kids and have instead switched them over to breaded mushrooms that look like chicken nuggets- i found them at Whole Foods. Yesterday was the first day of the switch with the kids- Aricin's response was "These taste funny- what was wrong with the other nuggets were they unhealthy mom?" Ha! Fun times at the Marshall Casa.

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