Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Jumping into June...

 My little man is crawling everywhere and standing
 The new paint job on the house
 T- ball for Aricin
 I love how they look like little bobble head dolls with the big helmet and their little bodies
 Bath time at the new apartment

 Grand Junction
 Playing at Uncle Rondo's
 The fam at Rondo's house...
 Aspen has one of the coolest parks for kids right in the middle of downtown

 On the Continental Divide

 9 Months already
 8 stiches...

 Little Man's ... the best ice cream in Denver!
 Aricin at Tennis Practice

June came and went waaay to quickly. Maybe because we found ourselves moving twice within the span of a month. We are now totally moved into the apartment and it's pretty nice. It's enough space and I'm learning that a home doesn't have to be a house and what's more important is who you share it with. A week after we got all moved in we went over to Mesa. I love having family on the western slope. Palisade is one of the cutest towns ever! About an hour after we pulled in, we found ourselves hanging out in the garage behind my uncle's bike shop getting ready for a float down the river on paddle boards and kayaks. While we were in there, Aricin knocked over a big square piece of wood that had two brass ore holders on it. The whole thing fell on top of him and one of the brass pieces gouged his arm pretty good. He ended up having to get 8 stiches in his arm- Aaron took him with my uncle to the ER that my cousin works at- they got them in really quick which was great while I went to my other cousin's house in Palisade and waited with Tally and Oliver. Aricin took it pretty well and didn't complain about the wound all weekend. That night we watched a movie outside on a big screen on the back of my cousin, Hannah's house- it was so fun and the kids loved it! Did i mention family friends (Megan and Tony) just moved from Las Vegas into the house next door to my cousins. Needless to say i can't say enough good things about Palisade, it's colorado's wine country and surrounded by vineyards and peach orchards and fields of lavender. I love life there and love the family we have there- they always make us feel so loved and welcome.

On our drive back from Mesa we drove through Aspen and Aspen's freaking awesome! We only spent a couple hours walking around the downtown and letting the kids play but really I can't wait to go back. Talk about a fun place to people watch, with shops like Prada and Luis Vitton you don't get the normal ski bums you find in other mountain resort towns like Breckenridge and Vail. Aspen is way more high end and caters to way more international travelers. I can't wait to go back for a weekend. We also drove over the Continental Divide on Independence Pass which is over 12k high.

Since we've been back we've been enjoying the summer, we saw the movie Brave at the theatre and Aricin has been busy with t-ball and tennis. Next week we start swim lessons, VBS, and ballet too. Aaron and I celebrated our 8th anniversary with a special date night at a restaurant in Denver called Cuba Cuba- the food was Ah-mazing! and we both had a couple mojitos (My fav. was the pineapple mojito) after we went to Denver Beer Co. for a Gram Cracker Porter then on to Little Man's Ice Cream for some Toffee Coffee and Butterfinger Fudge Ice Cream. We went again last week and I get the Cream Fraische and Balsamic Strawberry Gelato. Mmmmmm! Oliver's been busy too! After a trip to the Apple store we learned that he fried both of the power cords to our Mac Laptops by sucking on the chargers... $130 later all is fixed- i joked with Aaron that a pacifier would have been soo much cheaper.

The kids keep us on our toes with their activities and their thoughts... yesterday at dinner we prayed and thanked God and then were talking about how in African there are kids that don't have any food. Aricin asked "Do kids in Africa still love Jesus even though he doesn't give them food?" Good Question... which rolled into a fun conversation about; if our love for Jesus is dependent on the gifts he gives us.

Things with the house have calmed down a bit... Aaron's working on finding a structural engineer to sign off on the foundation then we can move forward with the permits. Our neighbor called the zoning department for the county AGAIN a few days ago to complain. We are all in compliance with zoning and have nothing to worry about there but it still frustrates me to feel attacked. We still have yet to talk to them. As i get upset Aaron has done a great job of calming my spirit. He reminded me yesterday of a story we had heard at the Love and Respect Conference years ago... Dr. Emereson Eggerich told the story of 3 children that were out of control running up and back on a subway train disrupting the passengers. Everyone around them was upset and couldn't believe the father didn't do anything but just there. As it turns out their mother had just passed away and they had just left the hospital. When you hear that story you realize nothing has changed from your initial perceptions and yet everything has changed. Aaron reminded me that we need to have grace with our neighbors because who knows what's going on in their world that might be causing them to be angry and attack us. It's easy to want to respond in anger but what does that help?

Aaron leaves in a couple days for Scotland. I'm sooo sad to not be going with him but we can't afford it. My grandma is coming out to help me with the kids as we have a ton going on and I don't think i could manage it all by myself. We will keep you posted with how things go in July.

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Emily Joy said...

Love reading about your CO life! Aspen is a riot isn't it? We used to go every fall to celebrate our anniversary. The fall color is unbeatable up there (we'd time it around the peak weekend) and surprisingly it is really quiet at that time of year and things are WAAAY cheaper off season (lots of "locals" prices). Enjoy that lovely state for us :)