Monday, September 03, 2012

An Amazing August

 Tally likes to make her baby brother a fairy- poor Oliver
 Fairy Oliver
 Touch a Truck event
 Baby Dedications at Chruch
 Aricin hanging out with Sadie
 Touch a truck
 Tally and her mermaid
 Me and my old roomie Tena

 Rockies Game... Aricin made a friend
 Tally wanted to pick his nose... Gross!
 Lets go Rockies Lets Go
 Talia on her first Pony Ride
 Tena and Aricin on the Dragon Roller Coaster
 Aricin on the Swings
 No hands
 Tena and Tally

 Tennis Time
 1st day of pre-kindergarten

 Tally's 1st day of Pre-school
 Pinterest birthday project for a friend- photo cubes in a topiary
 we've got a climber
 11 months!
 He loves to crawl out to the garage and play Aricin's drum set
 Hot Air Balloon Festival

 Camping Trip

This pic was taken right after we almost lost Jeremiah. He jumped in the river and got swept about 50 yards down by the quick current some how he got out- i thought he was done.

August was a great month. The kids were dedicated at church, my good friend Tena flew out for a very full weekend of biking, work outs, volleyball, tennis, and parties. We had lots of fun playdates at the pool, museums, and parks. I turned 33 and started coaching the freshman volleyball team again at Valor. So Aaron comes home at 3:30 and i take off to coach for a couple hours while he's on kid duty. Aricin and Talia started Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten a couple weeks ago and both enjoy their teachers and peers. Aricin just started soccer and Talia continues to do Ballet. Oliver is so close to walking. He walks down the hall holding on to the wall with one hand and climbs anything and everything around. He just got 4 more teeth on top and loves to follow his brother and sister. We went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs and also went Camping. Aaron continues to keep crazy busy with school, his PhD, and Impact EdVentures. September will surely be a busy month with Volleyball and life. We're looking forward to flying into southern california in a few days for a family reunion in Huntington Beach. Impact is putting on a 5k Dusk Dash in a few weeks where all runners get glow sticks as it starts as the sun's going down.

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