Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Spectacular September...

Fun Times with Grandpa and Uncle Jasun 
 Oliver's first trip to the beach
Grandpa and the waves 
Our Cajun Kitty 
Oliver and his cousin (one day apart) 
 Scary Face... he looked in the mirror and scared himself. He said "My face hurts" we should wash this off

 Getting ready for the kids parade
Cousinly love 
 My cousin, Shane got a tattoo of my grandpa holding crawfish
 Kids parade...
 crawfish feed
 The bros
 Aricin's crawfish that he saved and wanted to bring home

 Paddle boarding
 Aricin paddleboarding and riding a wave in

 Tally paddleboarding
Soccer fun 
 Dusk Dash for Impact EdVentures


 He's one!

 Fell asleep reading
 Oliver's birthday party...

Tuckered out after his party 
Uncle Jasun came to visit for a week of fun here he is at Red Rocks with Lauren and the kids 

September was sooo busy and sooo fun. I've been coaching freshman Volleyball at Valor which means Aaron comes home from work and I run over to Valor to coach or run off to a game. It's been a great season and I really love my girls. Tally's in Ballet, Aricin is in Soccer, and Oliver is offiically one and walking. We've enjoyed our small group at our house on Wednesday nights and getting to know some super fun couples. We got to go to the Martinet Family reunion in September in Huntington Beach which was AWESOME! it was so good to eat gumbo, see family, and head to Newport with the kids. We even got to do some paddleboarding at Malibu before we flew out. My little bro, Jasun also came out for a week and was such a great assistant volleyball coach- he brought some fun new ideas for drills i hadn't seen before and the girls really responded to him. Oh yeah i also started a travel blog...
Yesterday we had our first snow of the season, can't wait for more and more sun :)
Life here is loud, busy, full, and very very fun!

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