Thursday, November 01, 2012

A very Fun and Full October...

 This says... would you people please just take me home and let me nap in peace
 Denver Beer Fest with our good friend's Katy and Andrew- so much fun!
Talia's 3rd birthday party had a Hello Kitty Theme... Each little girl got take home their own Hello Kitty 
 The finished product, some of them look more like Aliens :)
I made velcro bows and flowers for her ears so the girls can chose how they want to accessorise 
 Found these in the dollar section at JoAnne's- perfect for the party
 All the girls
 She had a tough time blowing out the candles :)
 She really enjoyed her cupcake

 Her two best buddies (twins Kelsey and Stella)
 Halloween... The Incredibles!
 Hello Kitty Balloon Bracelet
 Oliver's spider balloon toy
 Riding in a race car
Aricin and his balloon bow and Aarow 
 Our little walker
 And climber...

 Our weekly lunch date at Ikea for free lunch and movie
Somebody LOVES bananas 
 Watching his big brother play soccer
 Somebody LOVES mashed potatoes
 Paint a pumpkin craft at a friend's house
 Tally's big boo boo
 Tally's 9 stitiches (2 internal, 7 external) she was so brave!
 More from the Denver Beer Festival
 Oh Aaron
 The kids exploring the Hay Maze at Whole Foods- they love this every year
 Our first big snow, beautiful in the trees
 Aricin scored his first goal this month in soccer 
As you can see October was crazy. Aaron was busy growing a crazy mustache for a fundraiser, we made an appearance at the Denver Beer Festival- which is apparently a pretty big deal- it was soo much fun and we had a great time with our friends Katy and Andrew. Aaron's been busy working on details for another fundraiser for Impact, it's going to be a Christmas Tree Auction December 9th- stayed tuned for details. We are also buying a car today, a 2002 Acura MDX- we LOVE our Land Rover but gas and repairs are pricey so we're moving on. 

 Aricin kept busy with soccer and scoring his very first goal which was awesome! He still loves pre school and I love meeting other mom's in his class through playdates with new friends. He is his father's son and LOVES to ask really tough questions about God and the origins of everything. I swear he's a mini philosopher and asks things I never think of- Aaron loves dialoguing with him and asking him questions to get him to explore deeper.

 Talia turned 3, is still really into her Ballet class, and managed to trip at church, take an ambulance ride (I swear a trip to Disneyland would have been cheaper), and get 9 stitches. We through a Hello Kitty Birthday party complete with Hello Kitty's for each of the girls to take home. Tally and all her little girlfriends had a great time and it both warms my heart and makes me weapy to realize how fast she's growing. 

Oliver started walking and screaming the first is more fun then the latter. He loves pulling everything out of my kitchen and bathroom cabinents and is pretty much into everything. He also loves cruising into the garage and playing on Aricin's drum set. He's a brut and cuk- he's always making us laugh and making me want to grab him and hug him. 

And as for me, I've been busy with well, all of the above. I finished up with coaching Volleyball and helped put on a Halloween festival in Sun Valley (an impoverished part of downtown Denver) with our church. And now, I need a break. Oh yeah i forgot to mention, my brother came out for the first week of october- i'm still trying to get him to move out. My good friend Tena came  out the second week of october for a special boy who i can now call her boyfriend. Friends from San Luis Obispo, Robbin and Dan came out last week along with Julie a few days ago (also from San Luis Obispo). We love being busy but it's nice that life is slowing down a little. Looking ahead we are excited to be heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota for Thanksgiving to do some service on an Indian Reservation there. Thanks for reading!

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